July 18


A Walk In The Woods

It’s the weekend, so I have decided to take this opportunity to explore my surroundings a little.  Who knew that there would be wooded trails and lush vegetation in the midst of the 4th largest city in North America?!  I consult a map and have a destination in mind, but find that the path splits and turns in ways I didn’t expect.  (So often things are not as straight forward as they seem to be on paper.)  I start down one trail and quickly realize that it does not appear to be taking me in the direction I wish to go.  So, I backtrack and try another route.  Then I wonder; will I even recognize the correct path when I’m on it?  I don’t really know what my destination looks like.

Following the next trail, I reach another fork in the road and I need choose which direction to go from here.  I make my choice and as I continue on, I’m struck by the parallel between my little afternoon excursion and my PULSE experience so far.

My PULSE objectives seem clear enough when I read them, but each time I have an idea about an avenue to proceed, I somehow come to the realization that there are more questions to be asked. Whether navigating in the woods, or in a new organization, the process usually takes longer and seems more complicated the first time.  After my surroundings have become more familiar, the path forward is more apparent.

I did reach and enjoy my weekend destination with the help of several friendly passers-by. I am confident that the same will be true for my PULSE assignment.

P.S. I had randomly chosen a movie to download and watch during my flight to Toronto.  The movie?  “A Walk in the Woods” with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte.  Like characters Bill Bryson and Steve Katz, I don’t know how or where my journey will end and what I will encounter along the way — though I have no doubt that it will be successful and rewarding.Woods.jpg