Journey begins – world of patience, hopes and dreams

Today is the first day of my Pulse assignment in New Delhi-  capital city of India. Delhi is a vibrant city with 17 million people and is dotted with heritage monuments (few glimpses of the monuments added below). It is rainy season this time of the year in Delhi, I am eagerly waiting for the rain to bring down the mercury levels.

delhi monuments

I spent the day at my home (picture below) for next 3 months – Aashirwad Special Education School for Mentally Challenged.


The NGO provides programs for the development and progress of the mentally challenged and other under-privileged children covering 8 km range in the adjacent slum areas.

I was greeted and received very well by the Aashirwad Team. Team comprises teachers, therapists and vocational trainers. It was a delight to watch them training the children with utmost patience to achieve the set goals (goals as small as washing hands, combing hairs, recognizing colours etc.)- a different world with different targets!

My journey to begin viewing the world through eyes of these children starts today, am sure would get many more insights in days to come, look forward to share more with you on my journey soon.

Thanks for reading my first ever blog!

Gurpreet Singh


  1. Great job Gurpreet. Thank you for doing this on behalf of all of us. We all aspire to contribute to the society the way you are doing. All the best brother 🙂

  2. Great work Gurpreet and appreciate your commitment to the society .
    Wish you all the very best and looking forward to spend a day with you.
    Best wishes

  3. Great work sir. By your dedication and attitude you are inspiring all that “We can’t help Everyone, But Everyone can Help Someone…”

    Dr Prem

  4. All the best from Cork Gurpreet, we’ll be following your journey with interest and looking forward to reading your next blog.

  5. All the best Gurpreet. Eagerly waiting for more updates. Hope this influence many people in South Asia to follow this approach.

  6. Dear Sir,
    Best Wishes for the unique effort, dedication & your endeavors to contribute to the mentally challenged children

  7. Great to have finally started – and great you are going to be able to make a difference for the kids. Keep us posted!

  8. Great initiative Gurpreet !! I am sure that you would add loads of value to the Aashirvad team and do so with all humility and patience which you currently demonstrate . All the best !!

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