Crazy Mbarara

Finally,I am in Mbarara. This city is crazy!! But it’s full of joy and life,just like Ugandan people. I already love them,so gentle and polite,always smiling despite the hard life and the less that they have. I have to learn a lot from them…this PULSE program will turn out to be a help more for me rather than from me!

I am also very happy to have find in Mandi a real friend and a great companion for this journey. She already has been very helpful in helping me find a good accomodation. And we made it the very first day! Our driver,Robert,really helped us in this not very easy task.

Yesterday,roaming around town between shops and markets I suddenly relized that Mandi and I were the only white girls among hundreds of local people. But I didn’t feel different. They didn’t make me feel different…another lesson learned. In the end,the terms black and white are all relative,and beauty is in the eye of the beholder 


One comment

  1. The pictures are perfect! Thank you for your very kind words. I enjoyed our day together. And you said it well, I don’t feel out of place either. The people do a great job making us feel welcome and are very helpful.

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