July 10


Crazy Mbarara

Finally,I am in Mbarara. This city is crazy!! But it’s full of joy and life,just like Ugandan people. I already love them,so gentle and polite,always smiling despite the hard life and the less that they have. I have to learn a lot from them…this PULSE program will turn out to be a help more for me rather than from me!

I am also very happy to have find in Mandi a real friend and a great companion for this journey. She already has been very helpful in helping me find a good accomodation. And we made it the very first day! Our driver,Robert,really helped us in this not very easy task.

Yesterday,roaming around town between shops and markets I suddenly relized that Mandi and I were the only white girls among hundreds of local people. But I didn’t feel different. They didn’t make me feel different…another lesson learned. In the end,the terms black and white are all relative,and beauty is in the eye of the beholder