Hello Bangkok!

Okay, this is my 1st time writing a blog in my life… so please give me some support, keep reading 🙂

And this is my 1st time leaving my home for more than 2 weeks… 1st time visit Embassy of Malaysia… 1st time living alone… 1st time visit GSK office in Bangkok… So many 1st time experiences for me and all because of, PULSE!

Me, in front of Embassy of Malaysia in Bangkok, Thailand


I reached Bangkok last weekend to settle down my accommodation. It’s so nice that my NGO recommended my stay here. It’s just 2 minutes walk to the office and it’s the home for previous PULSE volunteers too. OMG, compare to 40 minutes drive from my Malaysia home to GSK Ulu Kelang, this feeling is awesome. I feel safe here and this location is very convenient, lots of food, 7-11, near to BTS station and they even provide tuk-tuk service to places nearby.

LCD’s office is just at the end of the road!


I feel so great to have the opportunity to contribute to the NGO and the communities they serve. As this is my 1st blog, let me introduce you the NGO I am attached to – Leonard Cheshire Disability East Asia & Pacific Region Office (EAPRO), Bangkok.

Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD) works to change attitudes towards disability and to serve people with disabilities around the world. In EAPRO, LCD works with different Cheshire Services (independent local organizations) in countries such as Philippines, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to create an enabling environment for people with disabilities.

My main task is to provide support to the EAPRO and it’s members in the region.

LCD East Asia & Pacific Regional Office, Bangkok. My office for the next 6 months!


A lot of PULSE alumni telling me that PULSE will be your life time experience and it will change your life. I am looking forward to it. If you would like to do the same, get some courage, speak to your manager and apply for the next PULSE assignment!

See you in my next post!

I miss you guys in Ulu Kelang, actually I miss the food more. 🙂


  1. Enjoy these 1st time experiences and the many more to come, Pit Ting! All the best on the start of your journey!

  2. Wonderful first blog, well done Pit! I look forward to seeing how your life changes over the next 6 months 🙂

  3. What a great first ever blog Pit Ting, so many firsts due to PULSE! Enjoy the experience and I’m sure it will be a life changing opportunity. I look forward to reading more blogs and hearing how things progress for you.

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