Aiming to Defeat Exploitation

I made it to Mbarara just less than 2 weeks ago.  For anyone who doesn’t know or remember, my project is a women’s empowerment project consisting of expanding financially sound bakeries in rural Uganda by launching new bakeries and/ or the expansion of products produced.  This involves recruiting and hiring women, training them on basic mathematics, calculator skills and the baking processes, and maintaining a financial system that will track costs, revenues and profits.

The program that I am working with has four main goals.  As quoted by Ravi Mishra in his 1st 2015 blog they are:

“To facilitate:  1) Preventive health measures, 2) Social and emotional learning curriculum, 3) Female led business enterprise, 4) Peer support activities. Through these components the program aims to build youth capacity emotionally, socially and financially as well as to reduce the prevalence of various types of sexual coercion and risk of HIV infection in the process.

Cross-generational sex (CGS)—or “Big Man” syndrome—is a pattern of sexual behavior between adolescent girls and much older men that brings increased health risks and consequences to young women.  In most cases of CGS, the women are aged 15 to 19 and unmarried, but girls as young as 10 years of age have been reported to be targets.  This is a malpractice and is devoiding girls of their basic rights and justice.

Eminyeeto aims to prevent the sexual abuse and exploitation inflicted upon girls and young women through this CGS in Uganda as well significantly make the girls more self-sufficient in terms of having equality, dignity and self-respect.”

There are 52 languages in Uganda.  Eminyeeto means “youth” in the rural villages of Ruhiira and Kabuyanda.  Overall, however, English is the common language spoken by many Ugandans.DSCN3187.JPGDSCN3238.JPGDSCN3205.JPG


  1. Hello! Glad that you are settling in and making it happen! Enjoy, and keep us posted on everything.

  2. Hi Mandy,

    How heartbreaking. You are in the right place and will be such an asset and inspiration to these women.

    What an amazing experience!

    All my best,

    1. Thank you Trish. This is a good fit for me. You are an asset to your project too. It is very much needed in the times we are living in. We need disaster preparedness protocol, especially for the children.

  3. You are truly an inspiration, Mandi! Proud of you and the important work you are doing. Please continue to share updates as you are able!

    1. I definitely will! I love sharing and have more coming soon. Thank you so much for your comment.

  4. Hey Mandi, such a great project, will give u so much satisfaction to empower people to make a better life for them selves.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I hope the girls are enjoying their summer and you as well! Look forward to talking to you more later.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I apologize for the late response. I hope all is well in the new district and I look forward to meeting you. I had intended to call you before I came on this assignment, but as you can imagine, I just didn’t have enough time to do everything I wanted to do prior to leaving.

  5. You rock Mandi! Thank you for sharing your experience. Looking forward to hearing more about the great work you ladies are doing.

    1. Sara thank so much for your comment. I hope you’re doing well and keep me updated on how things are going with you and your new addition to come. 😊

  6. Hey honey. I’m so proud of you and the work you are doing there. I love the pics and it looks really neat there. I know the people really appreciate you and what your doing for them. your such an inspiration to all of us. I love you and miss you bunches…. I’m so glad you have this blog rolling now. Now everyone can stay in touch with you more. Love you


  7. Fantastic pictures, Mandi! Great to see your smiling face as you settle into your new surroundings! All the very best to you!

    1. Thank you Vivian! I am learning so much. One of the best things that you guys provided during the live training was not to assume anything and ask a lot of questions. Stressing that information during our training has served me very well here. I hope you’re doing well and thank you for your comment.

  8. Mandi, you are such an inspiration sharing the important work that you are doing. Thank you for sharing through this blog and I eagerly await the next post.

    1. Thanks so much Linda! I am so glad that you like reading the blog posts and seeing the pictures. Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond, but I really appreciate you commenting on my blog.

  9. Mandi,

    I am just amazed and proud of how you are truly making a difference in people’s lives! You are an inspiration to the people you are working with there and the people who work with you at home. Continue to share! Treasure each day!

    1. Thank you Lori! I miss talking to you! There is so much to take in here. It is amazingly different in good ways and in ways that make really appreciate the smallest things we take for granted. Like having water in the kitchen sink so that the dishes can be washed. My water is off in the kitchen a lot, so even I have to haul water quite often. But I am just hauling it from the bathroom 😕

  10. Hey Mandi, I am so excited for you and this opportunity. It sounds like you have a lot of work to get done but it will be so rewarding when you have accomplished your goals. I know you are going to be such an inspirations for the women you are working with over there. Your an inspiration to me and I am miles away. Good luck and remember to have fun. Alexis

  11. I do admire you Mandy. Its such a blessing to read all you are doing for the women in Uganda, please stay safe and spread your SOULSHINE to everyone you meet.

    Love you,

    1. Thank you Faith! I really appreciate your sweet words. I am so glad that I can give a good visual how this area of the world operates. Take care girl!

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