The Hills of Seattle

Well, week 1 at PATH in Seattle is in the books. Things that have happened since I’ve been in Seattle: I have not been to, let alone seen a Dunkin Donuts in 2 weeks and I’m still alive, people don’t care about the Red Sox or Tom Brady, and there are hills. Oh my, are there hills. When people told me Seattle was “hilly” I was like oh that’s cute, thanks for the warning but like I’ll be okay we have hills in Massachusetts too. What I did not know was that the first time up the slopes near my housing, I would literally have to take a break and that buying 2 bags of groceries is something you should do after a couple weeks here not on day one. Meanwhile people are passing me and I’m all, I’m okay I’m fine I just need a second and do I really need these groceries, maybe I should just leave them behind? It’s essentially like climbing Mount Everest. Or at least I’m sure it is.  But seriously, the views that these mountainous slopes provide is unreal. Every morning I’ve woken up since arriving, I can’t help but feel so lucky to be here. And not just for the views…or the coffee…or the great beer. But I feel so lucky for this opportunity to work at PATH.

My journey here started back in January when I applied for the PULSE program and now it’s really just beginning. I had every intention of doing a home assignment when I first applied but when the idea of working with an NGO like Path was shared with me (thanks Lucas!) it was hard to pass up.  I’ve spent a week greeted and welcomed by a great team of new coworkers and am diving right in to it all in hopes I can make a meaningful contribution to the team and PATH.  You can’t help but feel inspired at PATH with all the wonderful work going on to advance vaccine development and increase access to life saving medical interventions in developing countries.  I also know this will be valuable development experience for myself and I can’t wait for the days to come.

To see what my street looks like google image search: Mt. Everest.

Please enjoy this beautiful view from the airplane as we descended in to SeaTac.


Gratuitous shots of the space needle coming in next blog.


  1. Added perk of the assignment – I’ll be in killer shape by the end! I had serious college basketball hill workout flashbacks the first week here.

  2. Caitlin – love this! All that is in my head is ain’t no mountain high enough! Just think of the new life as a mountain climber you can add to your resume!

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