Riding on in my world of excitement…

I must start by wishing my US family a belated Happy Independence Day (4th July) – I actually started drafting the blog last weekend but didn’t get to post it until today… apologies!!

…. So my excitement continued with my 1st week (w/o 27 Jun) working at the Clinton Health Access Initiatives (CHAI) office in Abuja, Nigeria. clinton logo

I arrived in the office to a weekly meeting which takes place every Monday @ 8:30am. This is a general staff meeting set up to discuss various topics from travel plans, project plans, feedback from conference/ travels/meetings attended, security concerns, project milestones & successes, personal celebration etc. This is similar to my GSK (Pete Skrdla’s team) weekly meeting (Monday @ 11am). One thing that I found very interesting during the meeting and which is worth mentioning was that the director coordinating the meeting asked for volunteers from the CHAI staff to mention any of the 10 CHAI values; and to give example of how they have exhibited this value during a recent activity on their project. This did remind me of the 6 GSK expectations, how we are to ensure we align with these behaviors and also to be able to show examples of instances where we have exhibited these values in our day to day activities within GSK.

I was then introduced to the CHAI staff members. About 40 people working on the different CHAI programs (Access, Cancer, Essential Medicines, Malaria, Maternal & Neonatal health-MNH, Nutrition and Vaccines). They are a very friendly group people and I felt at home amongst them. Still working on remembering the different names 🙂

As my reporting manager was out of office – I was put in the capable hands of the experienced MNH team members. During the week, I had an on-boarding session with the MNH project team (group of 5); which is the project team I will be working with on my 6 months assignment.

During the week, I work shadowed the MNH team members and I assisted in reviewing some questionnaires/ protocols. I also helped to extract data to be used in a baseline assessment from a database called District Health information system (DHIS). I went with the CHAI staff on a visit to the Federal Ministry of Health for a meeting for further discussion on this PPIUD (Post Partum Intrauterine Devices (PPIUD) project. I will be giving more updates on specific on the project front as I get more embedded into the workforce.

My 1st week’s excitement was capped with an awesome worship experience as I attended Sunday service at a vibrant bible believing church www.rccgthroneroom.org – There was lots of singing and dancing to “Declare His Praise”.

RCCG Throne room
Worship session at the Throne Room


–>>  Wishing my CHAI Abuja Muslim colleagues a Happy Eid Mubarak.

{We have had a couple of public holidays to celebrate the end of Ramadan}.

Before I say bye in my newly learnt greeting – I will like you to meet my fellow PULSE CHAI-Abuja-rians 🙂

fellow CHAI-rians
Alex (UK), Stephen (Kenya), Jeevini (UK) & Mindy (Taiwan)

It’s Sai anjima from me!! {‘Sai anjima’ means ‘See you later’ or Bye for now in Hausa language}


Cheers, Temi


  1. I recognise the bottom photo in Annour Court! What a great start to your assignment, keep soaking it all up! xx

  2. Fantastic! Glad to know you are settling in well.
    Please pass my regards to Dr, Githinji 🙂
    Tell him Wanji says hello … we go back a long long time!

  3. Very happy to read about your first week in Abuja, Temi! Enjoy this time! Love the picture of the “PULSE CHAI-Abuja-rians”. Too bad you’re not in it! 🙂

  4. Hi Temi, thanks for sharing your excitement for the first week in Abuja! Enjoy and Sai anjima!

  5. Great blogs, Temi! I can’t wait to read the next one…hope you are enjoying all aspects of your PULSE assignment!

    1. Thanks Pete, i am definitely enjoying my assignment – i am looking forward to bringing some of my experience back to work.:)
      Trust you are having a good summer time.

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