Let’s get it started 

When you come back to Africa,you feel like you are back home. From the very first time you see, smell and look at it somerhing inside you wakes up. And go back to sleep again. So,the only thing you can do is come back. And I am back! Now I am finally in Uganda, Entebbe,admiring the great Victoria Lake…from my own balcony!!

The Pulse experience doesn’t last the 6 months you spend on the field. It begun when you first apply. So,it’s a one year adventure! I hope some of friends will consider to try it in December. This is the beginning of the second part of the journey. Good luck to me and you all take care!



  1. I loved my short stay in Entebbe. Is your assignment there, or elsewhere in Uganda?
    I would recommend a trip to Pineapple Bay Resort (Bulago Island).

    Good luck with your assignemnet

    1. My assingment will be in Mbarara so I am leaving Entebbe tomorrow. In 6 months I will have the chance to come back so I will follow your advice for sure! Thank you!!

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