This is the first of my many travelogue about an extra-ordinary journey from Nairobi to Kathmandu via Doha that took almost 12 hours of flight traveling, landed safely in Tribhuvan International Airport where it took me an hour of waiting for my bags and first lesson learned ‘’Patience’’.

Didn’t take me long getting to my hotel room and had my first Nepalese meal called ”momo” (a type of steamed bun with some form of filling), the next day I ate my first Nepal’s fried rice with chicken and now getting used to having chilli sauce in every meal.

My first tour ride took me to the Bahai Centre, Kathmandu (learn more: ) where i meet my first kid friend named Baba – an 8 years old boy of whom we had a nice time sharing jokes, he was my kenya’s Professor Hamo. Connecting with my main objective of coming here, to work with Save the Children in Nepal, i got humbled by the innocent gestures of care and love and honesty and humanity he showed me.

Next day i choose a theme/ purpose of my tour in Kathmandu; Bike random and yes i had made some contacts with some Nepalese friends who have the same passion as mine of Motorbike riding. I got the best of the best here, met Ateet who is the co founder of BikerszAus Nepal and his friend, the Nepal’s super bike champion. (Learn more: ).

He took me to this joint called ‘’the Bakery cafe’’ for our lunch, it was heaven for me and not because of the food or the place. No, it was all about the waiters, all were deaf and we made our orders through gestures. Many will not understand but few will know that this is another thing am passionate about.


And today as I write this memoir, seated at Save the Children Nepal offices(learn more at: ), reflecting of my introduction with the whole team with all the names that I’ll need to remember during my assignment, observing, learning and all of us breaking the ice, I feel blessed. I now know my first assignment away from home has begun.

Looking forward to my first duty and work travels here in Kathmandu and will try my best to give you a view of it first hand…… Again, this is my first episode of my series dabbed ‘’ MEMORIES OF A LIFE TIME’’


  1. Dear Francis – from your poetic words, I can tell that the start of your journey is already creating special memories for you. Great pictures and reflections!

  2. Dear Brother,

    Do enjoy and know you are our ambassador out there. May God bless you and keep you well. Our prayers are with you and learn as much as you can.

    God has placed you there for a reason. It is your season to bless and refresh others.


    1. Thank you Kevin, really appreciate your positive message and i give thanks to God all the time for what he has done so far

  3. hi Franco
    This is a very good start and special moment for you.
    One of greatest thing in life is to make different to humanity and here you go.
    Remember teach ,learn and improve .
    I wish you all the best.

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