It is very natural when you are thrust into a foreign land to do comparisons and be naturally bias in those comparisons.  So for me to say America is better in this or that I feel is very natural.  For instance I never thought I would miss stop signs and “no U-Turn” signs.  Or that people actually try to stay in the traffic lines.  I will be completely bias and say America is better there.

After a few days you really start to observe things vs. the shock of being in this foreign land.  Even though I am bias, you don’t see any accidents.  People pay a lot more attention to their driving than we do.  We are more worried about our social media presence than on the 2 ton machine we are hurling down the interstate at 80 mph.  So in this perceived chaos there is regards to safety than you would not originally think.  Even though a car did clip the moped I was on yesterday but here the bigger the driving machine, the more right of way they have.  So basically if you are a pedestrian beware!

In the US we really feel if we are connected on social media we are connected!  Here, even though they all have smart phones, they make sure to gather as communities.  At night when a business shut downs, someone comes by, sets up stools and tables and they serve each other food.  Pop up restaurants so to speak.  This is just not in a specific area but down every street through out the city.  After work, they gather, they eat, they laugh and they connect.  The truest sense of community I have ever witnessed.  They truly just enjoy being around each other.  They will go by the lakes and just socialize at night.  I will say they have that figured out better than our “virtual” communities that we have come to cherish.

In the end, I will enjoy coming back to common sense traffic laws, but I do hope to bring back this sense of community into my own world!


I do apologize for no pictures.  Even though I email them they never come.  And I cannot get on wordpress with my phone.  I will try to work out one of the issues so I can post the many pictures I have taken.




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  1. I love the connectedness you are describing! What a gift for you to experience that!! I really hope that you can bring it back to the US – we could use it! Keep well, Chad!

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