365 Days in a Month 

2nd July. Day 1.

30 days ago I was comfortable with the abundance the number 30 was promising me. 30 for the countdown to my trip. Today I reached the bottom of the countdown. What does this make me, rich or poor?

I’d love to think rich, because I lavishly spent these days doing the things I love, in the company of people I love. It felt like I did a concentrated version of the past one year, in a month.

Private: visiting family. Check. 200 km of biking, check. Flying in an aerodynamic tube. Check. Chilling out on the river bank. Check. Strolling and running through the city I love. Check.

Business: workshops, TV shoot, business planning, presentation, call, presentation, call, presentation. Check. Check and check.

And then so many hugs and kisses and farewell parties and I love you’s and I’ll miss you’s and invaluable tokens of old and new friendships, and smiles, and tears. Small priceless details captured in my memory. The sweet smell of a blooming lime. The lark singing at the edge of my terrace. The taste of juicy cherries in my mouth. The wrinkles around your eyes when you smile. The I will be back promise I said all so many times.

It felt I have all the time in the world to prepare. And yet today is Day 1. So, rich or poor?

I’d love to think rich, because today another counting starts. It’s Day 1 of my Kenyan adventure.

Basi “adventure” kuanza. (Which should say “Let the adventure begin”)

2nd July 2016, Warsaw

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