July 01


Loving Hanoi !

It has been 1 weeks since my arrival in Hanoi and I love.   The city is full of energy, culture and motor bikes.    Yes, I have a motor bike and am now part of the madness.      You would be amazed at what people carry on their motorcycles.  Water deliveryLike the water delivery guy here fully loaded with 10 water jugs.  Motorbikes are the primary means of transportation so the street vendors are loaded up with vegetables , flowers, whole hogs etc.  Construction works have lumber, bags of concrete, bricks etc.   You see entire families of 4-5 on one bike.   Despite the chaos I have found that things flow very well.


The people of Hanoi are very warm and friendly.     I have had several kids approach me wanted to speak to me in English as they try to learn our language.    I meet a young boy Bu and his sister this week both who are learning English which is key to their success.    I was amazed at how fluent they spoke and their knowledge of the US was amazing.   The streets are full of young and old working very hard to earn money for their families.

Then there is the food, this place is a foodie heaven….let me just share a few photos to make my point. Hanoi 6-25-16 006

Hanoi 6-28-16 028

Hanoi 6-25-16 010

In closing my first week in Hanoi has far exceeded my expectations, I feel part of the community.    The staff at CHAI has made me feel at home and part of the team.   This week they hosted a welcome luncheon for myself and Mia a intern studying in Mass.  Here is a picture of most of the Hanoi team at our luncheon.   Stay tuned on my journey and Happy 4th of July….Bob

Hanoi 6-28-16 034