June 30


“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it” Edith Wharton

PULSE1I am a second generation GSK’er. My dad retired in 2014 with 30 years and my sister has worked here for 14 years. I remember coming to bring your daughter to work day in the mid 1990s and never knew years later I would be working here! GSK is not only where my family works but is also my family. Over the years at GSK, I have met amazing people giving this family everything they have. I have watched those in Pre-Clinical and Clinical put safety, quality, and the patient at the forefront of everything. I have watched those in US Pharma with patients and seen firsthand the impact of our medicines. I have worked with Core Business Services & Strategy, Planning, & Operations and seen how tirelessly they fight to keep our systems, operations, and the back-end moving – things we take for granted most days to ensure that everyone else can focus on their expertise.

I watch daily as the lines between home and work blur. I watch as people celebrate accomplishments together, lose love ones, battle an illness, or struggle with daily life. And I see the GSK community respond with love and light helping each other find their way … a coffee break, taking a walk outside with a friend, or a simple question checking in.

Let’s be honest – life can be hard. A blogger from Momastery says it is ‘brutiful’, which feels like the perfect definition. You see this in life as it has this ability to create love and community from its hardships. Community and non-profits are often born from grief, pain, and common threads of life. Look at your circle, you find support groups based on needs, and yes it can be tough but we continue to pick each other up during those tough times. Tough times are when you see others step up and be the light for someone when that person’s world is dark – that is the beauty of life. You will see this in Orlando, in the US, around the world, and this is what I see every day at GSK. I also see the beauty and light in the opportunities GSK provides. One opportunity I feel grateful to be venturing into is a PULSE assignment (thanks to my SP&O and Strategy Delivery & Performance team for supporting me to take on this adventure!). Early July I am going to start a new journey with Get HYPE Philly! Do you know why this amazing group of 10 non-profits came together? It was because of GSK’s support (a $5M three-year grant from GSK – feel proud!). I went to their one-year anniversary event a few weeks ago and saw children with hope, light, and passion. I saw families come together to build each other up. I saw the mayor of Philadelphia be a mirror and reflect that these children are important. I saw community come together to build the future. Because of programs like this and what I see from my GSK family – I have faith in humanity and I know we will continue to give love and light to each other and those in need. Sometimes you may be the candle and be the light for others but it also is valuable to be the mirror to allow others to see the best in themselves – I hope to be the mirror for GSK and for Get HYPE Philly! over these next 6 months and spread the light of what both these organizations  do for patients and the community.

Where have you seen the community of GSK do the impossible and bring light? Do you believe the HYPE (Healthy You, Positive Energy – take a minute to click here and learn more about the amazing organization I will be working with)? Look forward to you following me on my journey! Stay tuned for my first week at my new adventure