June 30


Ahoy Hanoi

Well I am here.  I have had to spend about 24 hours sleeping because of being sick…but I am here.  There is a lot to adjust to.  I never realized how much my sense of smell would dictate what I can and cannot do.  I guess we become desensitized to smells from home as we grow up.

My first experience here was making a U-Turn in oncoming traffic.  Uhm….wait…no…don’t do that….But in the end they do that!  Yes they make u-turns in traffic and people just go around.  That is also how you cross the street.  Just walk.  They will swerve around you:)  I cross the street like a boss already.  I will add pics when that decides to act correctly.  Everyone I email does not come to my computer:(

My hotel is among the natives.  I am not near the tourist sites so I am getting an amazing view of local life.  That life would be a lot about mopeds.  They park on the sidewalks so I have to walk on the street.  This creates the problem of not being hit by them.

Today I will do more exploring and adjust to the time swing (12 hours).  I look forward to more adventures and starting work on Monday…yes that would be July 4th.  Not in America so I get to work!