Amusement park kind of excitement!!

The past month or 2 has for me has been a feeling you get when on the Intimidator 305 Roller Coaster in Kings Dominion — …Excitement/ Fear/ Uncertainty/ Weird feeling in the stomach coming from the High & Low drops and the different sharp turns — I can say that I have experienced all of these feelings in the past few weeks.

From going through all the different PULSE orientation sessions/training/meetings — Preparing for departure while still doing my day to day job — Having to pack the things that I will need for 6 months away from home into a couple of suitcases (knowing me I like to match color of clothes/shoes…haa:) — Having to pack all my other belongings into a 5×10 storage space (which is going to be my permanent address for the next 6 months…haa:) — Having to travel with a planned 16 hours layover in UK (didn’t know it will be that stressful) — Arriving at my PULSE destination (lodging in an hotel) — and still trying to secure a suitable long term accommodation ==>> amusement park excitement

I feel so honored and privileged to be matched with CHAI (Clinton Health Access Initiatives) based in Nigeria, West Africa because I am a native of Nigeria. But contrary to what a lot of people (including me) thought it will be very easy for me being that I will be in my native country. This has not really been the case because the past few days have shown me that visiting Lagos (southern part of the country) for a week at a time is very different from living and working in Abuja (Northern part of the country) for 6 months duration.

Even though I said at the beginning that the past few weeks has been a real roller coaster of a time. But I am filled with so much excitement and looking forward to what is ahead of me on this journey.

  • I want to thank God for this privilege.
  • I want to thank GSK for this opportunity to be part of the group of people that can help to bring CHANGE – change to GSK, change to my community (Nigeria) and change to me as a person
  • I want to thank all of you (reading this) for all your support in 1 way or another. Because I wouldn’t have been able to do this without “U”

….y’all stay tuned as I keep you updated on my PULSE journey in the weeks and months to come.

Odabo… meaning bye for now (in Yoruba dialect)

Temi Onajin


  1. Glad to know you’ve arrived safely, Temi! I feel your excitement and gratitude through your words and am sending good vibes your way. Enjoy this part of the journey, though it may come with an amount of anxiety and uncertainty. Looking forward to your next blogs!

  2. Hi Temi, I’m happy to hear you arrived in Nigeria safely. Looks like a long stressful trip but you made it. I’m very sure you’ll make a huge difference in others’ lives while you’re in Nigeria. I agree with you that visiting a country for a week or 2 is very different from living in the country for 6 months, away from everything. That was my experience when I went to GH for my PULSE assignment. Please keep the excitement up. I’ll be following you closely

  3. Hi Temi, Great to hear you made it safely. I enjoyed your first blog and I look forward to following your journey. Cheers,

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