June 29


Amusement park kind of excitement!!

The past month or 2 has for me has been a feeling you get when on the Intimidator 305 Roller Coaster in Kings Dominion —http://youtu.be/0WpNSImh6Z8 …Excitement/ Fear/ Uncertainty/ Weird feeling in the stomach coming from the High & Low drops and the different sharp turns — I can say that I have experienced all of these feelings in the past few weeks.

From going through all the different PULSE orientation sessions/training/meetings — Preparing for departure while still doing my day to day job — Having to pack the things that I will need for 6 months away from home into a couple of suitcases (knowing me I like to match color of clothes/shoes…haa:) — Having to pack all my other belongings into a 5×10 storage space (which is going to be my permanent address for the next 6 months…haa:) — Having to travel with a planned 16 hours layover in UK (didn’t know it will be that stressful) — Arriving at my PULSE destination (lodging in an hotel) — and still trying to secure a suitable long term accommodation ==>> amusement park excitement

I feel so honored and privileged to be matched with CHAI (Clinton Health Access Initiatives) based in Nigeria, West Africa because I am a native of Nigeria. But contrary to what a lot of people (including me) thought it will be very easy for me being that I will be in my native country. This has not really been the case because the past few days have shown me that visiting Lagos (southern part of the country) for a week at a time is very different from living and working in Abuja (Northern part of the country) for 6 months duration.

Even though I said at the beginning that the past few weeks has been a real roller coaster of a time. But I am filled with so much excitement and looking forward to what is ahead of me on this journey.

  • I want to thank God for this privilege.
  • I want to thank GSK for this opportunity to be part of the group of people that can help to bring CHANGE – change to GSK, change to my community (Nigeria) and change to me as a person
  • I want to thank all of you (reading this) for all your support in 1 way or another. Because I wouldn’t have been able to do this without “U”

….y’all stay tuned as I keep you updated on my PULSE journey in the weeks and months to come.

Odabo… meaning bye for now (in Yoruba dialect)

Temi Onajin