June 28


Travelling Light

« Unpacking»

What does travelling light mean? Just a carry on?  Just a suit case filled with technical clothing that I will end up not wearing while in Senegal?

Travelling light means something quite different for me: it literally signifies that I will NOT carry any excess of unnecessary baggage. Personal and spiritual baggage, that is.

I actually started “unpacking” 7-8 months ago when I decided to apply for the PULSE Volunteer Program, GSK’s skills-based volunteering initiative.  It felt like the only obvious, almost vital, next step following a few months of deep down and difficult reflection about “what I wanted to do with the rest of my life”.   The past 3 years have often felt like a roller coaster or a tsunami, depending on who reads this blog, so I can just imagine my dear ones smile at this image.

However it was during that time that I grew spiritually and found new resilience and the “power of now” (don’t laugh). Literally.  While I grasp the sheer concept of that, I know I need to make conscious efforts to apply it daily.

Keeping that in mind and releasing energy will be essential in the next few months as I settle in Dakar, Senegal, ready to embrace a different culture and environment. Ready to meet new people, make new friends, learn new things and grow. Ready to let go of control, welcome the unexpected, and trust what I already know.

Next stop: Dakar, Senegal.