I have arrived. 

I have arrived to Uganda. These are some pictures from my hotel balcony. It is on Lake Victoria. Tomorrow I will travel 5 to 6 hours to my permanent residence in Mbarara. More to come when I get there.


  1. So beautiful! Glad you arrived in Africa safely. Praying for the next part of your journey to your new home to be safe and stress free! Thanks so much for sharing! Please keep us updated as often as you can 😃

    1. Thank you! I love Uganda so far. The people make this place an awesome experience.

  2. Dear
    Wishing you a nice and memorable learning journey in Uganda……………………………..

    1. It is proving to be a very nice experience so far and I’m sure something that I’m never going to forget. I already hate that I’m going to have to leave eventually. The people here are awesome!

    1. Thank you. I am on my fourth week being here and everybody has been so nice and helpful. I really like the people here.

  3. Enjoy. I managed a week in Uganda, staying on the lake. Wishing you a great PULSE experience.

  4. Hi Mandi, I’m glad to hear you arrived safely. I hope you had a nice trip to Mbarara. I’m really looking forward to your blog posts. Take care

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