Vietnam here I come!

Today is the start of my Vietnam journey.   I depart SFO for Hanoi Vietnam this evening for my PULSE assignment with CHAI (Clinton Health Access Initiative).   I have been busy preparing for my trip and spending some family time.   The past 2 weeks have been a real roller coaster…high school graduation, final dance recital, hosting family and old friends, trip to Yosemite,  Monterey etc.    As I prepare for my departure I am filled with excitement and anticipation on what is ahead of me and how I can contribute to the cause in some small way.    I know this journey will be a learning experience and bring about many first for me and my family.

As I prepare I have your standard check list…..Passport, VISA, Airline tickets, Medications for 6 months, What to pack, What to purchase in Vietnam, Finalize things at home, Where will I live,  Set up new personal email address etc.    One computer bag and one large suitcase later I think I am set…

Then I had the help of a special gift from Julie Wade who surprised me with a gift basket with more essentials….First Aid Kit, Advil, my favorite candy, Probiotics, Airborne, Almonds, 2 bottles of Napa Valley Wine for my wife Cheryl and I to enjoy before my departure!

So, let the journey begin….I want to thank all of you for your support, this has been a long term dream of mine and I could not do it with out you.     I want to thank my family (Cheryl, Kevin, Brian, Jamie and Maddie) for supporting my dream.  I also want to thank Julie Wade, Caroline DeMarco and all of the PULSE alumni for their support and inspiration alone the way.       Stay tuned I will keep you updated on my assignment in the weeks and months to come…..Best Regards,   Bob   Julie basket