So all the usual suspects are there:  excitement, anxiety, focus and gratitude.  All the major stuff is done.  Flight.  Check.  Hotel.  Check.  Visa.  Check.  Vaccines. Check.  So in this crunch time it is all the small stuff! Do you want to know the hardest thing so far?  My mail!  No really.

So leaving for six months has left a conundrum with my postal service.  All my bills are on autopay so No worries there.  So I have spent two days to figuring out about the rest of my mail.  The post office won’t hold mail service for more than 30 days.  Of course I am told at one location that they don’t follow that but of course the place where my mail comes from follows that policy to the day.  Next option was P.O.Box rental with a hold on it.  Well I need two forms of identification.  Sounds easy right.  But working with GSK I don’t have car registration or insurance in my name.  I don’t have a lease since I am month to month.  So luckily I have my voter registration card.  Then I am told I can only do a 6 month rental.  So what happens if I don’t get back exactly on the sixth month mark.  Oh we send all the mail back to sender.  Huh? What?  Can I just pay for 7 months?  No but you can take this card with you and mail it from Vietnam to authorize another 6 months. But I don’t need another six months.  Sorry.

In the end it is a first world problem I have decided.  Also if this the biggest problem I am facing then I am in an amazing place!  Funny how the small stuff is not effecting me as much.    I will use this as a lesson while I am there.  Don’t sweat the small stuff😁  Oh I will sweat because Vietnam is hot but I will be sweating for all the right reasons!


  1. Too funny! Thanks for sharing your conundrum in such a light hearted way ..& also the realization that there are mote things to sweat about !! All the best !! Manu.

  2. Love your perspective, Chad! Very easy to get caught up in “first world problems”, as you rightfully point out. As you embark on your journey, I’m looking forward to reading about how your perspective changes. Safe travels and enjoy this amazing experience!

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