PULSE – Heart Beating with a Purpose

PULSE application – success! PULSE questionnaires – success!; PULSE interview – success!; I’m accepted! Assignment matched – Save the Children ; Interview with Save the Children – success! ; PULSE, ADP, Resilience training – done; Blog account setup – done;  Senior mentor introduction – done; Links with GSK Vaccines initiated – done; Job Plus Coaching session – done; Strategy and PULSE + briefing – done; Immunisations, health briefing and disclosures –  done!

Tomorrow the journey begins – Day 1 of my PULSE assignment with Save the Children as an Immunisation Advisor. In some ways, I see this as Day 1 of the rest of my life.  Much excitement, some trepidation, but overall a sense of purpose, matching my work drivers and my faith drivers to help people in need, as I search for how 30 years experience at GSK will enable me to Change Communities, Change Myself, Change GSK.

But wait, the journey really started more than 9 months ago, when a Job Plus coach challenged me about my drivers for coming to work each day. After several years of looking at PULSE from the sidelines, thinking I’d really like to be part of it one day, when project milestones allowed, my coach helped me to realise it was up to me, not external factors, to make it happen. The PULSE process then commenced late last year, not as a series of hurdles to be overcome, but rather as a significant learning experience in itself.

The journey so far has already revealed so many insights into how, as part of GSK, I can start making those changes. I’ve met new people in GSK who will be helping me on my way, as well as helping me explore ways in which the PULSE experience might guide me post PULSE in GSK and hopefully in later life. My co-workers and manager have also been so supportive in enabling me to take on this assignment, and for that I am immensely grateful. Already I am energised and able to see how my work drivers can match my work. Already I am learning new skills, needing to become familiar with social networking and trying out my first blog (maybe I’ll even get as far as pictures next time!). My assignment will be based in London but I will be participating in a project in Ethiopia, involving a number of field trips to a nomadic region, so that will certain be a challenge – more changes, more to learn, more new skills! Roll on tomorrow….


The PULSE Volunteer Partnership is GSK’s skills-based volunteering initiative. Through PULSE, motivated employees are matched to a non-profit organisation for 3 or 6 months full-time, contributing their skills to solve healthcare challenges at home and abroad.  When PULSE Volunteers return to GSK, they act as catalysts to change the company for the better.

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  1. I hope all is going well for you. I bet you are very busy splitting your time between where you are based and your field visits. Best of luck to you and I look forward to reading more when you can post.

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