Singapore Orientation 2016


Watch VLOG EP. 02 – Singapore Orientation 2016

2016 PULSE Volunteers from all over Asia flew in to Singapore for a 3-day, fun-filled, information-rich, all-you-can-eat-sandwich, PULSE Training!!!

What made the training even more special was our amazing group! We were composed of individuals coming from different parts of the business, all having different years of service in GSK and influenced by a mix of different cultures but somehow at some point in the training, I felt like an “invisible bond” was formed that will link us forever. It is the same feeling when joining a sorority or a sports club, we somehow instantly became brothers/sisters for life. The more curious thing is that I felt the “invisible bond” with the PULSE alumni as well even if we only had one dinner with them.

After the orientation and meeting our amazing group, I feel I have more support that will allow me to face anything that may come my way.

Looking forward to building more bonds, learning more from others and doing more self reflection in the coming days!


Click the link above to watch a short music video of the Singapore trip. See you in the next Vlog!

To watch the previous Vlog Episode, click Here.

To learn more about PULSE, read the Annual Impact Report or visit their Blog.


  1. Thanks for the great share, Denise – and of course I love the photo! #bestgroupever. Q: did you actually do a vlog (video) for this entry or is it just the written blog? If the latter, can you please do a video share of your experience of our Singapore Orientation training (or for your next entry) – since you’re such a natural in front of the camera and so great & captivating in how you speak! Thanks 😉

  2. Thanks for the comments! 🙂 Hi @ahsiya, for the Singapore Trip I made a short music video this time 🙂 You can click the link/photo above to view it. Hope you enjoy the music video!
    Here’s the link to the video as well:

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