May 30



A couple of years ago I applied to become a PULSE Volunteer for GSK.  After having volunteered locally for various organizations within my own community, I was excited about the prospect of traveling to some unknown location and envisioned an adventure immersed in the developing world.  Then, something changed my life.  I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. So, instead of donating my time to an NGO, I found myself on medical leave to undergo surgery and chemotherapy.  (Not exactly the adventure I had in mind!)  Fast forward 2 years:  My incision has healed, my hair has grown back and I’m feeling quite well.  After reapplying to the PULSE program, I’ve been accepted and matched with the Canadian Cancer Society – can’t think of a more meaningful match for me!  Passport in hand, both excitement and apprehension buzzing through me, I’m preparing for my departure to Toronto (which will be my home for 6 months)!  Writing is not my forte, but I hope you’ll join me on my journey.  Off now to Google the lyrics to “Oh Canada”…