First Day First show……

image2.jpgPULSE orientation for volunteers in India is conducted in Mumbai every year. This year, me being selected as a PULSE volunteer, I was excited to get trained and to meet my fellow volunteers. Since the NGO where I would be volunteering is in Mumbai, I decided to make the most of the opportunity and enquired with my NGO partner- whether I could also visit them.

The 3-day orientation session went very well. I received lot of insights into the working of a developmental organization as well as the tools required to work in such a setting. Due to the busy schedule of the trainings I could not meet my NGO partner until the very last day. Two of my fellow PULSE volunteers-Sunil Kumar from Patna will moving to Kolkata volunteer for BITAN NGO and Souvik Banerjee from Kolkata will moving to my City ”Bangalore” He will working for Aasharya NGO were also keen to join me and together we set out to check out the place.

My first impression of the place was that the infrastructure was crumbling due to poor maintenance, probably due to lack of funding. Small rooms, dysfunctional lights, broken window panes and doors welcomed me. But I was also welcomed by my NGO partner with such warmth and kindness. I met the key persons involved, the chairman and the managers who briefed me on the mission of the NGO, the work being done by them and the impact they had on the communities. I was also briefed on my assignment and we bid adieu knowing we would work together closely soon. After returning to my hometown I started chalking out the road map of my PULSE journey and the skills I could contribute to my partner NGO. I was glad I stopped by to understand the NGOs needs before starting my assignment. The journey for me has just begun.


  1. Glad to know that you got a chance to visit KSWA during orientation week, JK! Good use of your time in Mumbai! All the very best to you on your assignment!

  2. Many congratulations on your Pulse assignment JK. Seems you are already geared to go, I am sure you’ll give your best and strive to make a difference to this organization. All the very best !!!

  3. Congratulations JK and I wish you a good luck in this new project. Explore great things. All the best

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