The Sims

To set the scene let us look a little bit into my upbringing.  I was the in-between generation.  The one where we had a computer lab in high school, but  you only used it once a week.  We did not grow up with cell phones.  I did not have call waiting nor cable.  So fast forward to now.  People at orientation and discussions about Pulse start talking about Sim cards.  The only Sims I am familiar with is The Sims, The Game.  I was like, we have to create a virtual family and a virtual life to watch randomly?  To me people were speaking in a different language…sim cards, unlocking your phone (you need my password?)…the main thing I heard is that if you don’t Sim then your phone may not work.  I was too embarrassed to ask questions and it seemed the everyone else knew or expected me to know so I just nodded.  I asked a few sly questions and then that foreign language of technology came out.  I just agreed and moved on.  But in the back of my mind I knew if I did not learn my phone would not work.  So I called my carrier.  They said I had to request an unlock.  They did not explain why.  They said they had not international data plan for Viet Nam.  So it was either Sim or become truly disconnected.  I finally broke down and went to the retail store.  They were very helpful.  Basically each phone has a Sim card.  If your phone is not unlocked (some mojo they do on their end) it will not work internationally.  Once it is unlocked you can switch Sim cards and use your phone on the local network/carrier.  And yes Iphones do have sim cards you can switch!  Here I thought you could not get into an iphone.  Switching sim cards means you will lose your number…panic literally set in because this is the only phone number I have had for 15 years.  But they explained that once I get back to the states I can put the old sim card back in and it magically goes back to normal!  So I have decided to play the Sim game and stay connected while I work in Viet Nam:)