So lots of little (and big) things to get done.  Today I had an appointment with a travel doctor about vaccinations and medications to take to Viet Nam.  I actually was going to cancel the appointment because based on research, I had all the required vaccinations.  But to be safe I went.  The doc and I had a good conversation and I explained that I had all the required vaccinations.  She looked at me square in the eyes and said “then apparently you do not understand the difference between required and recommended.”  Hold up.  Wait a minute.  I asked her to enlighten me. She said required are vaccines by that government so you don’t bring an unwanted disease/infection into their country.  Recommended are diseases that are in that country already that you could get while you are there but they don’t care because you are not their problem!  My mouth totally hit the floor!  Yaaaassss I said.  Load me up doc.  Get those needles working and she stabbed me up good 😁💉💉💉💉💉💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽.


  1. Fascinating! I never thought of that before!

    And speaking about having to do little (and big) things…make sure you vote via absentee ballot once the nominees are confirmed. 🙂

  2. Get every vaccination available. I decided to get the rabies shots (3) just in case. A Pulse volunteer from Germany in 2012 was bitten by a stray dog that she was feeding. She did not get the shot ahead of time but wished she did. She was ok. At the AMREF office in Nairobi, someone told me a story of a monkey coming into the building through an open door to grab some birthday cake. I kid you not. Good luck.

  3. Chad great to see you are already regularly blogging! Looking forward to read more about your assignment and deployment 🙂

  4. Chad – I thought about your blog last week, when I was getting the Typhoid Vaccine… I told the Navy Yard nurse about your story and she found it hilarious too!

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