The Adventure begins….

My name is Monique George, I live in Melbourne Australia and work for GSK in the Sales Excellence Team. As I sit and type this blog, I still can not fathom the journey that is ahead of me. I have been lucky enough to be selected as a Pulse Volunteer for Leonard Cheshire Disability International, and will be based in the Zambia office in Lusaka.

What I love is how connected people feel to the assignment at this early stage. Colleagues coming up sporadically and mentioning if they had lived in Zambia, travelled there, a connection to Leonard Cheshire and general excitement shared about what I am getting to do. I already have a long list of thank you’s to those who have inspired, supported and celebrated my application and placement.

The reality of how much to get organised  in order to be prepared for being away for 6 months easily falls into its place of “simple to do” in the face of the difference you get to make. Whilst I was more than familiar with Leonard Cheshire Disability International, it was incredibly inspiring to see the actual impact of the work the organisation does on their website.

For those interested, please click on the you tube link below, it tells the story of Darius and how Leonard Cheshire Disability made a difference to his life:

GSK Intranet Announcement:’s-2016-Pulse-Volunteer.aspx





  1. So excited for you Monique and I can’t wait to read more about your experiences throughout your assignment. Well done and all the best!

  2. Really heartfelt post, Monique! Glad to see that you have a strong support system as you prepare for your life-changing journey.

  3. So excited for you Monique. Have you been in contact with past volunteers who have been/are currently living in Zambia? Let me know if you need names!

  4. Monique, Enjoy your experience, keep learning and reflecting. Have belief and great opportunities will open their doors. Your compassion, your energy, your clarity of thinking and your values will help you create a positive impact at LCD.

  5. So intelligent, contrite of heart, full of love., giving and understanding of love without barriers. I love you and am so proud for you and of you. Stay safe well and happy. I am with you in heart soul and spirit. You courageous Angel. I love you so much❤️😍🙏💙with all my love and prayers you are on my heart dear one. I am with you and will follow your interesting, loving and giving blog to support and be with you. Love always and forever my little angel. From Aunty bunny( Bernadette)

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