Ready or Not

So just finished PULSE 2016 Orientation.  There is a lot to take in and process.  Since getting accepted, matched and confirmed, there has been an onslaught of emotions.

The best way to describe is “Magenta”.  One of my favorite TV shows is The Golden Girls.  In an episode Blanche Devereaux says she has all these emotions and the only way to sum it up is the color of Magenta.  Like her I am not yellow with cowardice. I am not green with envy.  I am not red with anger.  I am not blue with hope.  I am not purple with passion.  I am not any of these because I am all of them.  During this process all of them hit at one time or another.  Or they all  hit at the same time.  What I have learned is that they are all relevant.  I accept them all and I will use them all to be a success in Viet Nam.

I shared a cultural piece during the orientation.  It was my family crest from England.  The motto of my family translates to “As I breathe I hope”.  As I start this adventure no matter what emotions I am feeling, I will always hope!