I am Experiencing My Pulse Every Moment – Kindling Hope ♣ & Happiness Around ♥

My Aims: – 1.) Strive To make the World – A Better Place to Live for All Forms of Life.

2.) To Bring Smiles 🙂 , Joy & Sense of Contentment on the faces of Every Being.

[Though My current efforts, Resources & capabilities are just like A Drop in the Ocean]. But, I Am A Day Dreamer blessed with Strength of Noble Thoughts, Positive Intellect along with Firm Faith in GOD ( Goodness ) which Every Atom of Universe Possess ,& I Feels & even experiences sometimes that “ If Selflessly Something You Commit To Do In Order To Bring Some Positive Change in the Lives of Others , Then Every Atom of this Great Universe Is Bound To Facilitate You”

My Believe Statement: – Hands Raised to Serve are More Blissful then Hands Raised to Pray“. ♥

My Only Expectation: – “Hey Friends “Just Remember Me in Blessings”. ♣

There are some Social Welfare Groups / organizations in Delhi with whom I am participating here for past several Years in Different Capacities in order to serve the Society & with passage of time I always endeavoring in going forward in order to move towards my Aim.

My Pulse Assignment at Institute For Indian Mother & Child , Kolkata further Heats Up My Metal & further Strengthens the Fact that “ Whenever I had Got Opportunity To Perform I Always Excelled”  . Also, I am not proposed to Live up an ordinary Life . There Is Certainly Some Definite Purpose of MY Existence & for Sure Almighty GOD has Some Plans for Me to accomplish his Tasks.

Post Pulse Assignment Too I am Continuing to put My Time, Energy, & Intellect in every possible way (as & when Life Permits) in order to accomplish My Aim.

Here, are the some of the Associations / Activities Where I had participated Post Pulse Assignment i.e. from mid – October till Mid March 2016.

1.) Maa Jhandewalan Temple, Delhi – I am Blessed to be – the Part of the Medical Team of Maa Jhandewalan Temple for past Some Years.

Maa Jhandewalan Temple is the one of the most prominent / famous Temple of Delhi & Round the year remained involved in Various Religious, Cultural & Social Activities. Also the Temple runs an Allopathic, Homeopathic, & Ayurvedic Dispensary for 6 days a week & also, provides treatment options through therapies like Naturopathy, Acupressure, and Acupuncture etc free of cost for everyone i.e. irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion & Economic Status. Here, Our Medical Team also organizes Medical/ Health Check Ups Camps , Awareness Camps, Blood Donation Camps etc on regular basis.

Here, are the Glimpses of Some of the Activities where I had participated at Maa Jhandewalan Temple between mid of October 2015 to mid of March 2016 :-

( A.) NavRatri ( Nine Divine Nights ) :- Here In INDIA at every Six months i.e. usually in Months of April & October We have Grand Festival called Navratri ( Meaning Nine Divine Nights ) that lasts for 9 days . The Navratri Period considers to be very Auspicious dedicated to Mother Goddess (Symbol Of Women Power & Supremacy). During these days Hundred Thousands of Devotees Visit Maa Jhandewalan Temple Every Day. & during these Nine days in Mid of October 2015 as well I am volunteered as Unit In charge for 8:00 Pm to 12:00 Pm at First – Aid Post here giving primary treatment, consultation, medicines, First- Aid ,Care & Counseling to desired.

(B.) 1st January 2016 :– i.e. New Year – Every Year On New Year Looking upon the Huge No. of devotees visiting the temple our Medical Team runs the Temples Dispensary for whole day

(C.) Medical/ Health check up Camp cum Blood Donation Camp in mid of January at Haryana

(D.) Blood Donation Camp held at Maa Jhandewalan Temple on 31st January 2016

(E.) Blood Donation Camp held at Maa Jhandewalan Temple on 6th March 2016

(F.) Bhandara [Distribution of Prasad (Holy Feast)] at Maa Jhandewalan Temple on 6th March 2016.

Everyday Prasad (Holy Feast) is distributed from the Temple to peoples irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion & Economic Status.

(G.) Medical/ Health check up Maa Jhandewalan Temple on 13th March 2016

(2.) Shree Shyam GauShala ( Cow,s Shelter House ) , Chandala ,Dungawas, Panch Gaon ,Manesar, Haryana :-

In Hinduism Cow, Earth & Rivers are considered equivalent to Mother, It’s Mother who gave Birth to us.  But, It’s Mother Earth who Provides Food, Land & most of other things necessary for our survival, it’s Rivers who provides us Water essential to live & it’s Mother Cow Who provides It’s Milk which provides Nutrition essential for our Growth & Survival throughout our Life.  Therefore it’s moral duty of every one of us to Respect, Care & Protect Cow, Earth & our Rivers.

Maa Jhandewalan Temple also runs an Gaushala (Cow’s Shelter House), located at Chandala ,Dungawas, Panch Gaon ,Manesar, Haryana. Here more than 150 Cows, Bulls, & Calf’s are residing & Taken care off. Many of them are rescued from Butchers, or were abondoned, were ill, non Milk Producing or old. Here they are getting treatment, Love , Care Respect & Good Environment to Live Happily. 🙂

Here are the Glimpses of My activities at: – Shree Shyam GauShala (Cow,s Shelter House), Chandala ,Dungawas, Panch Gaon ,Manesar, Haryana.  

Simply Just Sharing Love  , Care & Respect:-


(3.) Few Years ago Some of us including My Father , some Cousins & Uncles were working to gather all the relevant information about our Family Tree , And after returning to Delhi from IIMC Kolkata, after completion of My Pulse assignment A Good News was waiting for me That Our Family Tree was Completed. & as expected it’s confirmed that I am the Branch of INDIA, s largest 400 Year Old Family Tree. 17 Generations consisting of 2300 Families as on date in present generation living across Globe” Started from Lt. Lala NARUMAL GARG, Village: – Karora, District: – Kaithal, State: – Haryana, India, approx. 400 years ago

Further It’s a matter of great pride for us that the –“ Names of all the members of our family i.e. from our Forefathers for last 17 Generations including 2300 Families as on date in present generation ” are now recorded in “INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS”.

To Note: – If We look into deep past we are in lineage of great Suryavanshi King Maharaja Agrasen, (approx.  5185 Years Ago) & Maharaja Agrasen Was in Lineage of Lord Ram (Incarnation of God Vishnu).

Further we are thinking to find more families or the ways to get more information before 400 years ago. There is one more thought is going on i.e. Any how to bring Families together & to do some social welfare activities through mutual contributions in Future. & personally speaking when I look at the legacy of my roots it’s always inspires me to keep my Moral High in terms of Values, Doings & setting objectives to meet the purpose of Life.


(4.) Orange Day Activity at Aashirwad Special Education School in Delhi on 31st December 2015.

Here Me & My Gsk Colleagues Enjoyed New Year 2016,s Grand Celebrations with the sweet little angles who are studying at Aashirwad Special Education School

Here we altogether Did lot of Fun via. Making Drawings, Playing games, singing and Dancing It’s an awesome experience for all of us. We realized Showers of Love  on us !! & we all felt Blessed!! & I must say we all are LOVING It.


(5.) In Order to further Enhance My knowledge in terms of Basic Life Saving Techniques I Completed Two Certificate Courses in February 2016 i.e. 

( A.) “Certificate in First Aid from St. John Ambulance Association, Delhi Center, Red Cross Bhawan, Golf Links, New Delhi 110003

First Aid -Certificate from St. John Ambulance, Association - Delhi Center, Red Cross Bhavan , Golf Links , New Delhi - 110003

(B.) “Certificate Course in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation” (CPR) from Indian Red Cross Society, Red Cross Bhawan, Golf Links, New Delhi -110003

The basic Motive in doing these Certificate courses was that In case of any emergency anywhere rather than being the part of the crowd as a spectator I must be able to spread Healing ♣ Touch.

( 6.) I Joined The Indian Red Cross Society , Delhi as “ Life Associate” to further participate in welfare activities for masses.

Delhi Red Cross - Membership Id. Card , Grade - Life Associate

 (7.) On Some Sundays I am participating in the Havan & Satsang Program run for last 40 years by a non – profit association Named “Agarwal Samaj Saptahik Havan Satsang” for social well being. They are doing it non –stop for last 40 years for free At different house of residents of Delhi every week, one can just imagine the level of popularity by the fact that usually We have bookings for almost 3 months in advance at any point of time. & I am the youngest participant there. Where as almost all of the other participants are of old age group & in fact some of them are associated for last 40 years.

Through this weekly program people were making aware regarding the scientific importance & benefits of Havans to global environment & Eco-System. And, major thrust laid on cascading the importance of good value system, moral character, and decent Behavior in all individuals especially among children’s. Behaviors i.e. paying respect to elders (Parents, Grand Parents, teachers or Anyone) taking care of them in every possible way in all times, Respecting View & Dignity of everyone, Respecting Women in every walk & every Relation of life , Here We joyfully 🙂 use to say “Elders are the future of Present Generation”. (Since, everyone is destined to become old with passage of time & being a Child whatever way you are going to treat your old parents in the same way your children will treat you when you become old.) – As Indian I Look at This perspective in line with philosophy of Karma ( As  advocated in Holy Text Bhagvad Geeta By God Shree Krishna some 5000 years ago ) Where as,  In Modern times this perspective  seems to comply with newton’s Third Law as well.

(8.) These day I am also participating to the Activities of Two very well recognized NGO,s Of National Level, I.e. A.) Sewa Bharti ( Meaning Serve Mother India ) & B.) Arogya Bharti ( Meaning Healthy Mother India )

Though, because of limitation of time I confined my involvement to the level of participating in few key Meetings or discussions in formulating short term plans for activities of social cause &  & developing long term welfare strategies, ideas & means for future course of actions.

 ( A.) About Sewa Bharti : – Sewa Bharti is a non-governmental organization in Delhi working in the slums, backward areas & resettlement colonies. Sewa Bharti serves communities through a wide network of projects.

These projects, targeting the economically weaker and socially neglected sections of our society ranges from medical assistance, Women Empowerment, library, basic education, adult education, vocational and industrial training, upliftment of street children and the lepers in the city. All the services are offered free. Through these projects Sewa Bharti aims at making the underprivileged sections of the society self-reliant in every aspect of their lives. The ultimate objective is to establish a casteless and classless society through service of the underprivileged class.

(B.) About Arogya Bharti :- Arogya  Bharti  is a voluntary organization of service minded peoples and groups who have interest in the health of the society, Inspired by a sense of dedication , Motivated by Bharatiya (Indian) life values, Having regard and appreciation for different  systems of medicines and Engaged in co-ordinating and organizing them to build a Healthy Nation

Most of the Volunteers are related to Field of Medicine like Doctors & Para-Medics from various schools of thoughts like :- Allopathic, Ayurveda, Naturopathy. & On very regular basis Arogya Bharti conducts Health Related programs like :- Health Check Ups, Medical Check Ups & Treatment Camps, First Aid- Training Programs, Camps on Plantation & Distribution of Medicinal Plants & Awareness Programs on Healthy Life Style with key aim of Making Healthy Society.

(9.) Still Engaged with the both National & International Volunteers & Project Heads of “Institute for Indian Mother & Child”, Kolkata Over Development Work & the Projects which I Initiated There. These days we usually communicate through E Mails , Phone Calls, What’s App & Facebook Messenger.

 “Best Way to Serve the God is to Serve His Creation” & GOD will Be Happy 🙂 , So, I wish to be a little pencil in GOD,s Hand

Hey Friends :- Smile 🙂 Generates Smile 🙂 ,

Just as Love Generates Love  ,

Intense Love Doesn’t Measures It Just Gives ♠.

Love You All  & Do Remember Me in Blessings

Hej Vacker Hjarta  Vän !! Tack for vara inspirational!! “Bara Minnas Me I Välsignelse”


  1. It’s really inspiring
    After seeing all the activities done by pulse volunteers and spending some time doing social work or for society is really wonderful.I am inspired and want to be a part of it.

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