Epilogue – Make Changes and Be Changed.

Since returning from Rwanda, I realize that I have been changed and I made sustainable changes within the Rwandan government’s Medical Procurement Production Division.


The first change for me was to accept a new position within GSK by moving from Quality Assurance within the commercial manufacturing site (B40) to moving up the hill to R&D at the Upper Merion Campus.   Because of PULSE,  I am more comfortable with new ways of working, and quickly learning how groups support each other. I have changed in that I am able to quickly establish partnerships with stakeholders to determine their needs and get alignment of  departmental goals.   I am more willing to ask for help to quickly overcome barriers, working with others to come up with work a rounds.  Plus I am more flexible when things or processes are not what I expect.  The time that I spent learning about other cultures has served me well. I exercised my  leadership skills and as an individual I grew by learning more about Rwanda and other cultures through interacting with people who have traveled to or are  from all over the world: Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, France, UK, India, Cyprus, and Senegal.



These interactions have inspired me and allow me to bring new energy back to GSK to activate change in step with global health needs.  I have shared my PULSE experience at work through Quality Town Halls, Toast Masters and during luncheons and dinners. I have shared my experiences with parents and teachers from the Agnes Irwin School.  The  Agnes Irwin School sponsors a women’s school (Akilah)  in Kigali which I visited on my last day in Rwanda.



Through  presentations, I discovered just how deep the thread of altruism runs in the GSK community. After my PULSE presentation, I found out that Dr. Anne Schuind who also works at GSK had volunteered in 1994 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo  in Goma, during the Rwandan genocide.  She treated the Rwandan refugees.

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My GSK  housemates  who were very helpful and I am looking forward to them visiting me here in the Philadelphia.  They  always made me feel welcomed.

GSK housemates

Also the GSK Rwanda country team was very welcoming.  I was delighted to be part of a group dinner with  Allan Pamba.   Hearing him talk about our company’s  Africa 2020 plan, which aims to  reach 80% of the African population with GSK medicines and vaccines while continuing to drive our volume agenda made me proud to be part of GSK.  GSK is changing the world so people can Do More, Feel Better, Live Longer.

My sincere thanks go out to  Steve Boselli and the Building 40 SLT for allowing me to go on PULSE.  Also thanks to Scott Runkle, Patricia Mertz and Lisa Napp for covering my work load while during my absence.  I also appreciated by Robert Woodward for being my coach and the PULSE team and their leader  Ahsiya Mencin.   Most importantly my gratitude is extended to Andrew Witty for having the vision to create the PULSE program.






  1. Hey Jennifer

    Great Blog. Good to hear from you, and happy to see Cyprus mentioned!

    I hope to get out to Philadelphia sooner rather than later.

  2. Hey Jennifer:

    Nice blog! See you soon, I hope.


    Jim Russell
    (PULSE Volunteer 2015, Partners in Health, Rwanda)

    Government, Medical Policy and National Account HOLs
    Customer Engagement, Value, Evidence and Outcomes

    5 Moore Drive, PO Box 13398, RTP, NC 27709-3398, United States
    Email jim.x.russell@gsk.com
    Mobile +1 312-415-8209

    gsk.com | Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Flickr


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