A Moment of Pride


CSR Forum held by Smart Kolective recognized GSK PULSE volunteers as most innovative volunteering in Serbia. On this occasion GSK was awarded for the continuous support of GlaxoSmithKline towards the Community of Serbia in terms of partnership to provide palliative care to terminally ill cancer patients with BELhospice.



During CSR forum 2015, organized by Forum za odgovorno poslovanje (Forum of Responsible Business) and Smart Kolektiv, GlaxoSmithKline received an award for corporate volunteering in category Innovative approach to volunteering partnership with BELhospice!


It was narrated that GSK`s PULSE Volunteer Partnership provides sustainability to the noble cause of BELhospice and fulfil their mission towards improving the quality of overall health care for all patients, either in terms of providing quality medicines/ products or helping via their CSR activities in community.


It was my pleasure and proud to receive the award as a PULSE volunteer of GSK and was feeling very blessed to spend my half of year in serving community directly associated to a noble cause.

GSK has consistently supported Serbian community by celebrating Orange day and provided expert advices in PR and financial support to BELhospice for selective projects thorough local office in Serbia. This support converted into partnership starting from 2014 when first PULSE volunteer signed up to GSK PULSE program for 6 month volunteering with BELhospice.

I wish every year GSK employees could have the opportunity to spend half of year volunteering with BELhospice center. With the skills and expertise acquired by GSK, they can be able to improve operational efficiency sustainability and further development in strategic capability of the partner NGO.

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