Doing Less Is More

I believe that any PULSE volunteer will tell you that it was the best 6 months in my life; although time goes by so quickly but still we’re stronger for the experience, we learn new things, our attitude is different, And have returned home with a ton of amazing memories.


I Remember my first week in Bangkok with the NGO and how I was feeling at that time with a lot of worries, I knew what my objectives were but how would I achieve them? Would I be successful? How would I integrate into Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD) and would I have the right chemistry with my new colleagues? Will I enjoy Bangkok?

Actually I didn’t answer those questions alone; thanks to GSK PULSE team I had a GSK coach with me to guide through my journey, Also I had an ADP coach who gave me a great support. With the help from my manager in LCD, I could succeed in my assignment and achieving all objectives.

The challenges of becoming an expat are also part of the fun. Expat life can be very exciting. The experiences and challenges of life abroad teach new skills and enhance capabilities, create new meanings in life, and generally translate into valuable memories, which are worth remembering for many years ahead.

Me with some Students in the NISC

The journey has not yet finished, the Change has happened.

I have added new prospective to my LCD’s Bangkok team, I gave more ideas to help People with Disability (PWD) who are residence in Cheshire homes-Thailand, I also promoted the name of LCD in the ASIAN community during my participation in the ASEAN Responsible Business Forum, I have participated effectively in many conferences showing and representing what the community should do to support PWDs.


I believe that, my greatest achievement was the field visit I have made to the Cheshire home and engaging with the disabled residence.

There is no greater feeling than giving yourself to others. It’s amazing what a difference one can make in another person’s life with little gestures, by sharing a few hours of your time – the impact is priceless. To be the source of hope or strength for someone, I wouldn’t trade that feeling for anything!


Although coming back home can be as tough as the first few weeks away, But thanks to the continues support from my GSK home manager and my home colleagues who were communicating with me regularly during my assignment, and facilitating all issues regarding my re-entry.

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