“Keep the CHANGE!!! Yes, Boss…-Back from Humanity to Corporeity(Reality)#


Hello friends, colleagues and Pulsars,

Yes, you are thinking towards the right direction from my blog title. Lots and lots of changes have happened within my work area due to reorganisation and I have seen them from the day I have re-joined my unit before three weeks.

I have to accept the formula “keep the CHANGE!!! yes boss” as whatever changes happened here were out of my circle of control; however the sustainable positive CHANGE I have made in past 6 months to the life of the children in community of ‘Munsieville’ which were certainly within my circle of control, I feel very strongly now that I have very positive circle of influence to tackle with current changes in the department. My pulse experience of understanding the various perceptions has been helping me lot in re-energising my surroundings. (Let me share a secret here, it looks like my new manager has been very impressed with what I have done….such a relief!!!One way its always good to have re-organisational changes during your Pulse assignment, because your previous manager will not ask you what you have done and it won’t be necessary for your new manager to know what you have done there…lol…ssssshhhhh…keep it as a secret:-)

My Auditorium Presentation where I shared my SA reflections:-(It was big turnaround of people to hear the stories which shows there is a great humanity present in corporeity).



My First three weeks back at work has gone past so quickly where I have successfully completed my all Pulse practicalities (budget, PDP, case study, end of assignment survey and my final reflections blog) with my current busy workload. My tea time, lunch sessions, work corridor meetings and evening family time have been going fully packed sharing my experience and stories all the time.

My colleagues and friends have been so passionate to hear my Pulse stories. Same with me, I have been so much enthusiastic in telling my experience and stories to them that sometime I forget I have already told the same stories /incidents to same people:-). That’s the impact, that lovely community  have made on me.

People have been asking lot , what are you bringing back from Pulse?

-After the Pulse assignment the humanity level has been greatly increased in me and I can feel lots of positive changes in myself:

1). I have become bold and more judgemental in my work decisions.

2). I have been re-fuelled with extra self-confidence and temperament to tackle any critical situations in life.

3). The time-away from family has re-energised my love and respect towards my family and social responsibilities.

Believe me, Pulse is a great corporate-social responsibility programme where you will be able to enjoy best of both (NGO culture with corporate experience)..I am sure McDonalds will not have any issue if I say the slogan here ” I’m lovin it” indeed.


1). This is how it started…

2). Developing health curriculum to spread awareness of various child health diseases in the community…

2). Various team building sessions to create space in the team for myself and gain the confidence to maintain sustainability to the project…

3). Spreading the health awareness through using a powerful tool in the community-Art and cultural heritage

-Munsieville Got Talent

-South Africa Heritage day

-Association with Black child theatre production group

-Children school holiday club

4). Cricket coaching sessions- Building a sporty environment and introducing new sport in the community…

-Building a team spirit in school, coaching classes for unity and discipline for students and teachers

5). Biggest-ever community consultation to assess the burning issues of children health in township of South Africa


6). Family visit to South Africa

7). Tshepo children Festival

8). Implementation of Children health activities (e.g. baby hygiene monitoring, hand wash activities etc…)

It’s the time for me to say good bye and take care all of you lovely people for supporting me throughout my project. I am very grateful and would like to thank you everyone from bottom of my heart….

Lots of love,

Long live Pulse,

Signing off,

Hitesh Dave (Your favourite GSK Pulse ambassador:-)


“Hi! My name is Hitesh Dave and I live in UK. I work for GSK, currently serving as a PULSE Volunteer with [Project Hope UK], however the opinions you read from me here are totally my own.”





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  1. Brilliant! What a journey you’ve been on Hitesh. Your enthusiasm and energy is tangible through your blog and is infectious – keep infecting people with this humanity bug in corporeity. What a pleasure it’s been for me to be part of your journey. And yes, long live PULSE!

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