It’s NOT back to normal…..

Picture1We keep say that time flies and, well…….it does! I can hardly believe it has been a month since returning to GSK, after six awesome months as a PULSE volunteer at Target Ovarian Cancer, into a brand new role in UK Pharma.

The question I get asked the most is ‘what did you bring back to GSK?’ and, I must admit, it’s not as straight forward to answer as one may think.

To me, it’s mainly about awareness, about what charities and NGOs around the world are doing to help people, and how GSK is supporting them by investing in volunteers like me, who can really make a difference.

It’s a behavioural change, about achieving a higher degree of confidence which I can apply in my new role. It’s knowing that the skills I have developed in GSK are transferrable to other sectors and that, in GSK, we have an amazing range of material and programmes which support our work.

It’s a personal change, having learnt about ovarian cancer, what affected women have to go through during treatment, and the amazing and selfless work oncology nurses do to support them in their journey.

It’s knowledge change, about how the NHS works and how GSK interacts with HCPs.

And finally, it’s about talking more and powerpointing less! The value I got at Target Ovarian Cancer from discussion and conversations, rather than presentations, was invaluable.Picture2

So, actually, there is a lot of learning I am bringing back to GSK, on top of all the energy and enthusiasm which is still running high. Want to read more about my assignment? The UK Pharma magazine will tell you all about it.

One thing I wish is that I could turn back time and go through it all over again! But for now, best wishes to the 2016 cohort.



  1. Great Blog. I am struggling with that question too, but I think you have hit the nail on the head. Thanks!

    All the best with your new role.

  2. Thanks for sharing these thoughts Raffa. And for sharing your story through the UK Pharma magazine, great to see this!

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