International Volunteer Day

On Friday, the 4th of December 2015, we held a small celebration at the BELhospice center, to mark International Volunteer Day. It was a small celebration to honor people with big hearts. People who contribute in a variety of ways to the work of the BELhospice center and the quality of care for terminally ill cancer patients through their dedication, zeal, energy and responsible action.

International Volunteer Day, December 5th, is celebrated throughout the world as a reminder of the day in 1970, when the United Nations Volunteer Program was created. At the BELhospice center this day was marked with a celebration during which certificates of thanks were awarded to the volunteers who were the most active in the previous period.


The aim of the United Nations program is to encourage as many people as possible to offer their volunteering services. These people do not expect material compensation for their work, apart from moral and social satisfaction, and they see helping, and dedicating their time, to others as an expression of humanity, solidarity, mutuality, and a feeling of responsibility for one’s community.

With words of immeasurable thanks to our last year’s recipients of the certificates of thanks for their field work in helping patients, volunteers Biljana Stefanović, Katarina Sivčević, Marina Nikolić and Maša Radonić, coordinator for volunteers Mijodrag Bogićević awarded this year’s certificates of thanks to the volunteers who excelled during the course of the past year, within both volunteering sections. Certificates were awarded to the following volunteers: Andrea Kiselja, Ana Stojanović, Nenad Popović, Ana Perić, Nikola Jovanić, Tatijana Janković, Jelena Rokvić, Đorđe Perišić, Aleksandra Jovanović, Vera Peruničić, Violeta Jović and Nataša Arsić.

We are proud of all our volunteers! We would like to also take this opportunity to thank them with their help in the organization and running of all the major BELhospice events, as well as the benefits that our patients and their families derive from their house visits.


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