Everybody deserves a happy ending.

A happy ending doesn’t really mean the end of life but end of every interaction, every transaction or every relationship. When there is time when we all are concluding our assignments or already crossed the finish line, just wondering if we all had a happy ending. Certainly we do aim to have a best conclusion in all the encounters of our life.

All mentors give examples of famous failures those lead to excellent finishes to give birth to numerous success stories, the list is quite long and not in my scope for today`s blog. I want to emphasize on something that I learnt through a small story.

A young child playing football in the street without shoes, upon my inquiring he summarized his inability to have shoes to play. I bought him shoes and was astonished by what he said! Are you God? I declined and just wanted to explain him about God, but he gazed me thoroughly smiling, thanked me saying “then you must be a friend of God because I just prayed God last night to give me shoes”. The boy started playing comfortably leaving me uncomfortable. I realized that anyone can be friend of God but just need to know how?

I am just perplexed to find out what is the realistic, achievable, positive and ultimate conclusion of someone`s life!!

Yes it`s a “happy ending”.

Obviously we do aim to have a best conclusion of any encounter in life but in real we may end up in a mess or a gloomy one just actually because we didn’t expect an end. Whether it`s a nasty one or a pleasant we don’t always reach to finish line with the feeling of happy ending. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a winner every time but you should be a conqueror to celebrate in all the battles.

My interaction with the young boy concluded well with a happy ending because we both got the valuables out of it and enjoyed the satisfaction, this is important. The story concludes but this happy ending can lead us to release energy to bring more stories to a happy ending.

Serve people by reminding them of their potential. Remind them that they can choose self-doubt or self-belief. When we believe in ourselves, we show up differently in the world.

Challenge people when they are closed off to other interests. Help them see the value in exploring the riches life has to offer. Be curious for them about what life can be and let them pick up on that. We all have special talents that make this world a richer place.

Serve people by showing them how beautiful life can be when you live passionately exploring it with your talents. This may be in writing, painting, singing, or any area of life.

You can achieve almost anything you want if you believe in yourself and you put your heart and mind to it. This level of self-belief allows you to know that you will be okay, no matter what happens.

Bringing any story to a “happy ending” just needs to anticipate the conclusion and to be satisfied with what you achieved from this end. Furthermore to build consecutive story on a happy end of this one can make a chain of conquest.

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