Time passes so quickly


It is amazing how much has happened over the few months, but it is only now that I can truly appreciate the change I made to leave home for 6 months. It isn’t something I thought about at the time, but moving to a country which is so different to home has been extremely challenging. That said, the challenges of being an expat are also part of the fun.  I have really learned a lot while enjoying my time in a totally different culture from a personal perspective, but also from a career development perspective too.

I would like to end by saying thank you to Leonard Cheshire Disability and GSK team in Bangkok for supporting me on my assignment.  Both are doing an incredible job.  I have been on a fantastic journey that will live with me forever and have learned so much along the way.  I look forward to bringing back to GSK what I have learned during my PULSE assignment. I would also like to thank you for following my journey. I hope that you found my blogs interesting. They certainly helped me to reflect during my assignment.

My Colleagues have given me a chocolate Gift 🙂


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