Keeping The Balance : 3 2 l


When events are moving at a fast pace and feel like too many things are happening at once, it can be a challenge to find your footing and your balance

                     So Keeping the Balance (  3 )weeks only lasting   2  leave

A lot of learning lessons I have earned during last five months but when you reentry is coming soon to GSK and to my home site how you need to make  the balance during this 3 weeks .


Keeping  the balance between the worm feeling that I will meet my family, friends and colleges and missing a 6 months from my life with a lot of experience, new connections and adventure


Keeping the balance between a lot of new experience, skills, knowledge I have learned at another culture and a reentry period containing a lot of challenges and pending issues waiting me .


Keeping the balance between the degree of what I have learned during the assignment and new i will add to my team, GSK and my community.

Keeping the balance between good and bad, light and dark, art and pain, profit and loss ,Emotion and logic ,choice and regret, cruelty and sacrifice finally to be or not to be.


According to Richard Swenson, M.D., we have “more and more of everything, faster and faster

Finally keeping the balance between Choice & Responsibility to make it


There is a balance between the choices that we have made and the choices that others have made in creating the present reality.  While many situations in life are wrong or unjust (e.g., abuse), many more situations require that we are willing to take responsibility for the role that we have played.  Life does not just “happen” to you passively – you are an active participant

Be the change