South Africa success stories-EYDC phase 2: Community consultation


Dear colleagues/friends!!!

Here I am, to discuss more on phase-2 of our community engagement for Early years development center.


Monash university student volunteers have been great support and excellent team I had during this EYDC project, I am very fortunate to have them during designing the phase-2 where we planned to go for door to door survey in Munsieville.

15 teams of more than 50 volunteers and staff were engaged in this 5-day community reach-out plan. We completed the designing phase earlier where we did finalised the questionnaire and effective role play activities as part of the consultation process, thanks for being a great help Paul and Anette!!! We did arranged training sessions for the leaders of the team and volunteers on day-1 and 2 respectively.  and below pics shows how easily they accepted me in their team:-)


We had designed 80-20 approach on the survey where we planned to cover 80% of the houses/shacks with close proximity of the to be built EYDC land and we planned to collect the data of 20% from the rest of the munsieville. There was a huge informal settlement where it was nearly impossible to carried out the survey; we came up with the sampling consultation method where we divided the area by lamp posts and few permenant landmarks and sampled the random shacks from the selected zones. Frankly speaking, we were amazed with the massive positive response from the residents of informal settlement.

The data shows this was one of the massive community consultation ever carried out in this community with 1600+ homes/shacks were visited and with the questionnaire and health role plays we assessed their health situations and treated/helped with some basic first aids.

I just cant ask anything more from Pulse than working and managing this type of huge health project which is going to change lives of thousands children significantly in the community. Happy to repeat GSK’s mission once again here…do more, feel better, live longer…

Long live Pulse!!!
Signing off,


“Hi! My name is Hitesh Dave and I live in UK. I work for GSK, currently serving as a PULSE Volunteer with [Project Hope UK], however the opinions you read from me here are totally my own.”

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