Friends Of Buburi


Friends Of Buburi

Well, this is it …….. my final PULSE blog. I’ll be back home in a few hours, so I decided a little while ago to dedicate this final epistle to Buburi. It is one of the health facilities in Busia which is a bordering county to Bungoma. With the assistance of UK Aid Save The Children have now expanded into this county as well. I visited and assessed 42 facilities in total during my six months and 10 of those were in Busia County.

I was inspired to meet Sallie and Alice when they visited our office to solicit some support from Save The Children. They were both in Kenya to implement improvements and bring funds for Buburi health centre in Busia. They came from the Friends of Buburi, a UK charity that supports the health care clinic in the rural community of Buburi, Western Kenya. The financial and practical support of Friends of Buburi ensure Buburi Health Clinic can provide accessible, good quality and affordable health care to those in need.

I have been looking for ways to keep connected to the work that I have been doing with Save The Children and this is an ideal way to support a group that is progressing the exact same activities I have been working on myself.

So a final word, an appeal. If you have followed my journey, and have stuck with me through blog heaven and hell … thank you faithful reader. Now you have run the good journey with me, perhaps you would consider supporting a West Kenyan health centre, to assist it provide a better service. Western Kenyans. I hope you will. Then we will have made a difference together. Thank you.

To give, please follow the link below for Friends Of Buburi’s web site.

Friends Of Buburi


  1. I’ve loved reading your blogs Jim, well done for sharing your experience and the impact of the work that GSK are supporting through our Save the Children partnership in such an inspiring and engaging way. And what a great way to stay connected to your experience once you return. Hope you are having a smooth landing back in the UK this week.

  2. Congratulations on completing your assignment and thank you for documenting your journey through your great blog posts

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