December 29


112 – all are giving back something

GSK PULSE program out of many shares one common aspect “give it back to the community”. One you talk about it you can`t forget about volunteering. Today I will share with you the selfless tireless and enthusiastic people of Belgrade, BELhospice volunteers.

The 7th BELhospice volunteer training course was held between Oct 19th and Oct 22nd, 2015, and was successfully concluded with 22 volunteers trained. This brings the total number of people who have completed the BELhospice volunteer training program over the course of the past three years to 112.

The training course comprehensively addressed the need of volunteers in understanding the organisational goals and values pertaining to the mission and vision of BELhospice. The participants were given the opportunity to equipped themselves with various aspects where BELhospice team is involved. During the course that lasted for four days, the attendees gained insights about the basics, the history and the principles of palliative care. The other important learnings conveyed about the multi-dimensional approach of organisation inclusive of fundraising, the medical, social, psychological and spiritual aspects of palliative care. The role and significance of volunteers was explained in real time by showing the educational films form past volunteers. I am also proud to witness that, based on the evaluation reports, both the training course and the instructors received the highest rating in the post training evaluation of the facilitators. In response to the suggestions from our trainees, the next volunteer training course will be organized in such a way that more time and attention is dedicated to the lectures concerning the fundraising aspect of our work.

Following this training course, the BELhospice volunteer service will be richer, not only in numbers, but also in the fact that it will be joined by new compassionate people who, through their engagement in each of the three aspects of volunteering, will dedicate their time to the patients, provide respite to their family members, and contribute to the fundraising team and the organisation as a whole.

The volunteer coordinator Mijodrag Bogićević said while explaining his point of view about the training that, “From the very beginning, we have always insisted on the quality of the volunteer service by engaging people with passion and enthusiasm. Once you have quality of services in mind, the trained volunteers can serve the way the palliative care patients demand. 112 is not just a number that not only BELhospice as an organisation achieved, but our entire society and local communities should be proud of these individuals including students and salaried people from different fields of life, who take precious time from their personal and professional commitments to help us in making it possible to provide palliative care services in Serbia.
The 7th volunteer training course was carried out with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Belgrade, and we would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere thanks to H.E and who took part in making it a success.

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  1. maryannemctighe January 3, 2016

    Such a great read. Pulse is amazing:)

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