Unofficial Christmas Party

So Ethiopia doesn’t celebrate the traditional Christmas like the majority of the world on the 25th December. For them it is work as usual. Christmas in Ethiopia is celebrated on the 7th January and has a very different meaning.

There is a large number of expats in Addis Ababa so you see “some” xmas decorations appearing in the last few days. The hotels more so. But for me it just doesn’t feel the same, no tree or decorations are up in the home, and to top it off it is just too sunny, there is no traipsing around the shops in the cold darkness to feel like xmas. Oh and usually i would have had turkey at least 3 times by now!!! (No Turkey in Addis)

My mum sent me over an advent calendar (With chocolate) to help count down the days. I have been sharing this with my colleagues who have loved this strange tradition we have. Mum also sent me a present to open on xmas day (i have the best mum in the world)

To help me get in the xmas spirit i decided to take the ladies from the office on an Unofficial Christmas Party. We went to the Yod Abyssinia Cultural Restaurant in town. Surprisingly several of the girls had never been before. Here you get to enjoy local cuisine, the honey wine (Tej) and enjoy music and dancing from the various regions. Just like our parties back home we got a little dressed up with the ladies dressing in traditional clothing.



20151217_165353 20151217_16464020151217_165402

Traditional food, Fasting dish and Tibs dish
Traditional food, Fasting dish and Tibs dish


Washing of hands before eating
Washing of hands before eating






MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all. I hope that you have a great holiday wherever you are in the world



  1. What a way to spread the Christmas cheer. The Philippines has the mat fabulous Christmas I have ever seen!

  2. Sounds like a very different way of spending Christmas – hope you weren’t too home sick about missing it Kaye!

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