A holiday surprise for a family coping with cancer

Today I am sharing another video. It shows a magical evening that I was so happy to participate in a few weeks ago. It was a simple but direct way to live our values and connect to the very people everyone here at CCS works for: those living with cancer.  On December 8, 2015, the Canadian Cancer Society brought some holiday cheer to Lynn Matthews and her family at their home in Stouffville, Ontario.



Having watched my twin sister and my sister-in-law fight breast cancer, I know the toll it can take on the whole family. Sometimes everyone just needs something to make them smile.  In fact, I invited my sister-in-law Meagan to join us to sing for Lynn and her family. As a young mother and breast cancer survivor, I knew Meagan would be able to give Lynn some hope and support. We spoke to Lynn for a long time that evening. Meagan was so thrilled to be able to use her experience to help someone else and they have quickly become friends.


My  sister-in-law Meagan and I at Lynn’s home to help bring some Holiday cheer to a family coping with cancer.


Our singing wasn’t the best (thank goodness several school choirs came out to help us!) but I think we achieved our goal to bring some holiday cheer to Lynn and her family.

I wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy Holidays!


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