December 16


PULSE & Orange Day

This week i had a great opportunity to participate with GSK Thailand in The Orange Day that was arranged in cooperation with Thai Red Cross Society, in Chiang Mai city that is remote city in the Northern Thailand.

In that day the Thai red cross society was hosting an educational charitable event for people lives in the remote areas, to support them in the event we were split into 2 teams,in the first team (including me) we were responsible for medical checkup (Blood pressure measuring, physical examination,…..etc),while the second team was responsible for educating children about personal hygiene and how to maintain the health of their teeth.

It was an amazing day almost 200 patients (adult and children) get benefited from that day.

Being in Orange day while I’m already doing PULSE assignment gives me a lot of energized feelings, thinking that sometimes we get too busy in our day to day tasks that we forget what is crucial for us, we shouldn’t get distracted from our core mission: Patients