Lazy Sunday afternoon

Lazy Sunday afternoon

John and Emily's family at Namirembe
John and Emily’s family at Namirembe
My hosts for sunday afternoon tea - preparing "green bananas"
My hosts for sunday afternoon tea – preparing “green bananas”

I have been honoured to meet many local people during my volunteering and travelling and they have always been so generous to me. As an example, I’d just like to share an invitation I took up to travel to Namirembe outside Bungoma to spend some time one Sunday afternoon. My hosts John & Emily were local farmers cultivating about 2 acres of sugar cane. I was served a wonderful meal of Kuku (chicken), rice and green bananas all washed down with lashings of hot Chai (Kenyan tea which is made with 50%/50% mix of milk and water and is a sweet delight. Green bananas (may be plaintains?) when boiled ending up tasting like potatoes with a sweet taste of butter …. Yum !


Green bananas and a nice cup of Chai
Green bananas and a nice cup of Chai

We shared a great afternoon , discussing Kenyan politics, corruption and farming (I grew up on a farm you know!) which included a leisurely stroll around the farm , when “Mr Mzungu” again attracted a crowd of local kids.

Kenya may not be rich in infrastructure or resources for healthcare but it’s people are rich in hospitality, concern for each other and a warm peacefulness. I just love sitting about chatting as they do. And they luxuriate in warm sunshine every day…..

Jambo Jimbo eats Sugar Cane!
Jambo Jimbo eats Sugar Cane!

I have observed many Kenyans eating raw sugar cane as a mobile fast food snack, and this was the day I finally got to try it! Only I assumed you swallowed the husk as good roughage but no …… you are only supposed to suck the sugary, watery juice. Oops, schoolboy error there Jambojimbo.


  1. What an adventure Jim!!!!!…….I miss chewing sugarcane too.And “YES” we take it locally here as a snack not to mention maybe even as a meal when the “economy goes south”

  2. Great Blogs Jim. They have been a good insight in to what you’ve been up to and I for one am looking forward to hearing more stories when you get back in the new year.

  3. I remember chewing on raw sugar cane in a field in Barbados 26 years ago Jim, when a few of us went out there to stay with Neil Gregory, who was working there for what was then the ODA (now DfID). Nice place to be posted!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing your lazy Sunday afternoon. Your stories & photos brought me back to my own days in Africa where I was similarly moved by the kindness & hospitality of my African friends, as well as the warmth & brightness of the big African sky! Enjoy your remaining days in Kenya 🙂

  5. Indeed, such wonderful hospitality and a lovely memory to take back with you. I’m remembering my own experiences with fondness …

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