December 12


The joy of giving

IMG_20151211_211951At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received,How much money we have made,How many great things we have done.

We will only be judged by I was hungry and you gave me to eat,I was naked and you clothed me,I was homeless and you took me in.

Hungry not only for bread…..but for love,Naked not only for clothing….but for dignity,Homeless not only for want of room of bricks….But homeless because of rejection.

As I come to close my pulse assignment here in Uganda,I thought of taking this small group of women for whom I am working here, with me to a developed town full of people and places and giving them a special feast in a fine dining restaurant.

For them this was the biggest Christmas gift ever as they couldn’t have ever imagined themselves travelling to a nearby city which is like 100 miles from their village and for some this city actually never existed.

For them its just a struggle between Bread and Hunger…..and unfortunately HUNGER WINS THE MATCH MOST OFTEN.

one of the most special Christmas gift for me as well….feeling blessed to see their sparkling smiles which made my day and my life a little meaningful.



Ravi Mishra