A night on BROADWAY: I`m Possible

Adrenaline was going higher, stresses were increasing, you could see dark circles around their eyes due to lack of sleep in last couple of days.  Yes this was the exact situation of BELhospice fellows there in Belgrade just one day before the annual charity ball, our main fundraiser of the year “A night on Broadway” held in Crowne Plaza, Belgrade on 28th November Saturday.

During the previous week of ball I had shared the highlights of the preparations and enthusiasm there. Just one before we became horrifying busy and this was the time when I couldn’t continue my connection with my blogging and it resumed todayJ.

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Working on BELhospice video.


I have seen couple of situations in my sales career where we had to believe in ourselves and show “can do” attitude to achieve results, I didn’t find this moment different to execute the things as planned on the day of ball. We faced number of hurdles just before the event as I remember there was a conference going on just one day before and it was supposed to end by night therefore the organizers couldn’t move their stuff to vacate the place for us leading us in stretched time constraints to set up or stuff making it more challenging to bring the real-time “BROADWAY” experience to a hotel ball room.


Briefing to volunteers about the Event plan.

I could see the panic and worries on the faces of fellows but they are real examples of determined and firm belief about what they want to do.

Discussions going on, Crowne plaza management sorted our issues and we managed to be on time with our rehearsal and other things finally with everything settled. When I saw the rehearsing the folks the whole event, I was really feeling excited to be part of this great event which I am sure to be far classy than the one was announced as the best charity event of the year in 2014.


Sometimes you need to read between the lines… Even you can`t understand 🙂

Still you need to wait for the moments to see the glimpses of the event. Just to increase your appetite I will share with you a brief blog about event day with few pictures soon.

I wrote part of this blog during that day and completing it now remembering about a very elegant quote from Audrey Hepbum,

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”