London A to Z


Y is for “Yikes”.
Yoo-hoo.  Yes, it’s me again and that’s exactly what struck me Yesterday when I was musing on what to write this week.  Yikes, that once more there don’t appear to be many “Y words” to use, (I naively thought there’d be more) and yikes that there are only two weeks left to get all my work done.

What else has been happening ?  As per that Yearly custom in most workplaces up and down the UK, the desks are becoming inundated with Yummy food and this week sees the start of a number of farewell lunches too.  A bit of Yuletide stitching has also been going on as I try to get a jumper suitably adorned for next Friday, otherwise there’ll be a dash to the shops to fill the current Yawning gap in my wardrobe.

I obviously couldn’t miss the opportunity this week for another YouTube link and this time it’s to watch Save ambassador, Poppy Delevingne, reporting on what she saw during a recent visit to the DRC.  I gave some background on the challenges in this country back in “D week”.
WHY is some of the Partnership money being spent there ?  In order to make a difference to the lives of some of the hardest to reach children in the world.  You can read the thought “please save the life of my child” on the faces of parents attending clinics.  You’ll also see that the efforts are Yielding results.
Did you Yell out in disbelief at what happened to the little six Year old girl recovering from malaria ?

Thanks for being so patient.  You’ve stuck with my Yattering and Yapping; from Young baby talk to Youths and all ages in between; all of whom Save the Children aim to support.  I have appreciated Your kind words of encouragement.  That’s my story so far.  Tune in next week for my final Yarn.


  1. Really enjoyed reading this London A-Z Rachel and very impressed with what you came up with for X and Y ! Sounds like you have made a huge impact during your PULSE assignment at “Save” and am sure your colleagues in Ware and the broader Hertfordshire area are looking forward to hearing more of your tales. Have a great last few days and look forward to our catch-ups in 2016.

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