School’s Theatre Team Project: An initiative towards developing Good Society

School’s Theatre Team Project: An initiative towards developing Good Society. Part:- 2 – at Institute for Indian Mother & Child (IIMC), s Hogalkuria School, 24 South Pragnas, West Bengal

In continuation to our series of development of School Theater Teams after IIMC, s Challapara School Now, It’s Time for IIMC, s Hogalkuria School.

My Believe: – The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This is what we are doing here.

Brief Introduction:

IIMC has 32 Schools in various different rural locations in West Bengal. In these school’s 6642 Students receives education.  In fact, most of the children’s here are the first generation in their family who are going to school.


During my several visits to various Schools, women peace council groups, Network groups and Micro Credit banks to different rural areas. I have get chance to see the ground reality very closely. Here, everywhere, in rural areas the alcohol & tobacco addiction is very common among local peoples. Still child marriage, dowry is prevailed in many villages; discrimination towards girl child is very common. Also, the situation of women’s right, literacy, health & hygiene is very meager.

Time to Think:-

This scenario deeply touches my heart somewhere & forced me to think & to found some solution to overcome this. What to do? How to do? , How to save our younger generation from ill effects of these social curses. So, that the masses could align with the Gsk,s Goal “ To enable the people to do more, feel better & Live Longer “ .


“The solution to which I derived is making our younger generation aware through their active participation. & inculcating right values among them from very beginning to form better society”

Then a question arise How to do?  Here, I received God sent help in terms of 3 fresh graduates of Masters in Social Work. Who come to IIMC for one week & Dr. Sujit Kr. Brahmochary (Director of IIMC) Delegate the responsibility to deploy them in some of IIMC, s activities over Me. During discussion with them I came to know that during their studies they learn how to develop a theater team & this piece of information gave wings to my Thought “To make our younger generation aware by their active participation & to make a better Society”.


  1. I made a proposal to develop one Theater team each in all 32 schools of IIMC by Dec. 2016.
  2. In each team there would be 4 groups of 10 students each. i.e. 40 students & 4 to 5 teachers ( including one co-coordinator)
  3. Every month except 3 months (In which Exams Conducted) i.e. 9 times in a year. Each team will conduct one theater in their school (preferred on day of parent’s teacher meeting) or in nearby local community & all school students will watch.
  4. The theme of theaters will be social issues like Alcohol, tobacco addiction, women rights, empowerment, Dowry, Education, and Health & Hygiene etc.
  5. To sustain the process over coming years the teams of teachers have responsibility to train & develop one team every year in their school to replace previous one.
  6. To ensure sustainability when 1st team we develop there I ensured that we will be giving the training to selected teachers in such a way that teachers will learn how to conduct theater & to develop new team of students & can train other teachers of other schools in the same way.

START: – First Theater team at IIMC, s Challapara School:-

IIMC likes the proposal & accept it willingly & I started developing my first team with 40 students of 8th & 9th standard & 5 teachers of IIMC Sikshangan ( School ) at challapara, west Bengal with help of my team of 3 MSW graduates ( Tette, Gabriel & Pratima ).

There we went for 6 days in a row and develop a team of children’s and teachers. &  In my 1st blog I had taken you to enjoy  our 1st  Grand Final Presentation of Theaters at social issues  held at IIMC,s Challapara School, To refresh the memories once again pls. click the link below :-

Second Theater team at IIMC,s Hogalkoria School, 24 South Pragnas, West Bengal :-  

First of all for better understanding over project in detail & on sequential basis how project initiated & grows .pls.  check the below attached copies of E mails I had sent to Dr. Sujit Brahmochary (Director of IIMC) & Barnali Madam (Head of Education Project) over period of time since the generation of Idea till, Grand Theater Presentation at IIMC, s Hogalkoria School, 24 South Praganas, West Bengal .

E Mails to IIMC on theatre team project – Since inception of project uptil Final Presentation of Theatre at IIMc,s Hogulkoria School

Search for Chief – coordinator to carry on Project in My absence –

After Successful Performance of Grand Theater at IIMC, s Challapara School. I felt need of appointing someone who could carry forward the Project I initiated in my absence i.e when I will leave IIMC.  I want to select someone from the IIMC, s main campus. So, that he / she can easily co-ordinate with all stakeholders & Barnali Baudi (IIMC, s Education Department Head) & Doctor Sujit Brahomchary (Director of IIMC) & also, can make necessary arrangements easily. 

My search completes at Mr. Alim Sardar, In charge of IIMC,s 7 rural Micro-Credit Banks. Alim from his younger  days has some interest towards Drama & Theaters & He also possesses basic knowledge of Acting & Drama. First I approaches Mr. Alim & discussed my idea & process regarding development of Theater Teams & its Benefits to society. He felt Happy& likes the concept. Then I recommended Alim,s name to Barnali Baudi & We appointed Mr. Alim Sardar as Chief – coordinator  of our School Theater Team Project.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

Me & Mr. Alim ( Chief Co -coordinator of Project )

Me & Alim decided to develop our Second School Theater Team at IIMC, School at Hogalkuria, South 24 Pragnas , West Bengal 

Talent Hunt       Begins________________________________________-

For Teachers Team

Together we fixed one appointment with teachers of IIMC Hogalkuria School & went there on scheduled date Where I & Alim unfolded the idea, its benefits towards development of healthy society & other guidelines to carry forward the project & answers their queries.

Mr. Alim ( Chief Co-ordinator of Theatre Team Project ) Explaining My Guidelines & other aspects to the Teachers of IIMC School Hogulkoria in Native Bengali Language

Mr. Alim ( Chief Co-coordinator of Theater Team Project ) Explaining My Guidelines & other aspects to the Teachers of IIMC School Hogulkoria in Native Bengali Language

While doing Selection of teachers who will be responsible for development of theater team & carry theaters every month.  We put Due attention on following parameters: – their individual past experience or knowledge of theater, drama, their self interest towards theater, creative /artistic View & their devotional attitude towards social welfare. Also, among selected teachers We appoint Mrs. Jhuma Di as Team Head of Teachers Team at IIMC,s Hogulkoria School.

Me with Teachers Team & Mr. Alim

Me with Teachers Team & Mr. Alim

For Students Team –

Then we selected 40 Students 20 each from 8th & 9th Standard. Totally based upon the individual interests of students.

Me with My Students Team

Me with My Students Team

There after we formed 4 different Groups of 10 students each.


Finding Challenges Faced by Masses / local communities –

The participants of all the four groups were asked to do the Group Discussions & Write the Social Concerns / issues which they came across in their day to day life.

Group discussion by paricipants of all four Groups & writing the social concerns - issues faced by them.

Group discussion by participants of all four Groups & writing the social concerns – issues faced by them.

Group discussion by participants of all four Groups & writing the social concerns/issues faced or observed by them.

Below are the Issues / Themes comes out from participating students group wise after group discussion.

Script Writing –

We had got plenty of the Social concerns / issues faced or observed by the participants of all the 4 Groups which they came across in their day to day life. Among those we selected the 4 Most Common Concerns / issues faced by them i.e.:-

  • Education for All
  • Dangers of Addiction
  • Women Education
  • Right to Equality

The participants of all the four groups were asked to do group discussion & Write their own script on the one theme each Selected among the most common issues they face or observed.

Once, The Script is formed Participant Students were invited to come in Group in the front & asked to read their Scripts. & everyone listen their Script & further the teachers helped the students to do necessary changes or fine tune the script if required.


Training to Students Begins  

Then the team of selected teachers begins providing training to the Teams of selected students. In order to provide expert’s assistance we had invited Mr. Saikat & Ms. Josphine the 2 teachers from IIMC, S Challapara School where we had developed our first theater team. (We had trained these teachers on how to conduct theaters & How to teach others too on various aspects of theater’s preparations). Training to students begins with warm-up Session.

Training Begins - Warm UP Session

Training Begins – Warm UP Session

Process of development of Theater Team lasts for 4 more days & children’s continuously practicing their plays to achieve perfection. 

On Last day of play practice Mr. Alim conveys my final instructions regarding theater plays to all participating students & selected teachers in local language Bengali.

Grand Theater’s Countdown begins

Finally day arrived when we organized the second Grand Theater in series of development of Theater teams in all 32 IIMC, s Schools. & a bus full of staff members of IIMC, along with my national & International teammates reaches IIMC, s Hogalkuria School to join audience of school (i.e. all teachers & students). & to cheer up the little performers

Let’s join & enjoy & Learn from the play.

Grand Theater starts with a very motivational song – “We shall overcome some day”.

Grand Theatre Start

Grand Theater Start – with a Song – We shall overcome someday


Followed by 4 plays on Selected Topics by all four Groups i.e.

  • Education for All
  • Women Education
  • Dangers of Addiction
  • Right to Equality

Grand Theatre - Theme Education To All

Grand Theater – Theme Education To All


Grand Theatre - Theme Women Education

Grand Theater – Theme Women Education


Grand Theatre - Theme Dangers of Addiction

Grand Theater – Theme Dangers of Addiction

Jhuma Di Team Head of Teachers Team of Hogalkuria School conveys the message of all the four plays & put emphasis on the significance, benefits & long lasting impact of School Theater Team Project over society towards building a Good Society.

Grand Theatre - Final Meesages

Grand Theater – Final Messages


Prize Distribution to Participating Students

Grand Theatre - Prize Distribution to participating students

Grand Theater – Prize Distribution to participating students


Pls. find the attached format Theater schedule- Review Sheet which is to be filled by Team Head of Schools after completion of Grand Theater every month & copy of the same is to be submitted to Mr. Alim Sardar, Chief – coordinator  of our School Theater Team Project & Barnali Baudi (IIMC,s Education Department Head) at IIMC,s HQ at Tegharia 

Theatre schedule_ Review Sheet to be filled by Team Head of Schools.

Discussion with Teammates over the project –

Discussion with Friends over Project

Stakeholders Feedback’s on School’s Theater Team Project –

Friends I  hope you must have enjoyed the 2nd Theater performance at IIMC,s Hogulkuria School.  & I had started working over development of theater teams in IIMC,s many other Schools as well. Progress related to same I will bring you Soon. 


  1. Thanks Sue , it’s continuation of ” School’s Theatre Team Project: An initiative towards developing Good Society 1″ . Soon I will share my next & Last blog related to this project.

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