December 01


GSK is in the air

GSK BulgariaToday was my 4th time I visited GSK office in different countries. I was in GSK Romania, GSK Bulgaria, GSK Hungary and of course GSK Slovakia. I have to say that it’s a really pleasure and supportive when you are far away from home, but you can go to the place where everything looks like at home:)

So, in all these countries I was presenting Pulse program and was sharing my experiences. A lot of questions I received was about motivation. Really people wanted to know for what reason? You leave your home, your job, your friends and family and go somewhere for 6 month… My answer is – changes! It is a great chance to change something, because we are changing every time, we are growing, getting older and it is normal way of life to live in changing world! But we are so afraid about changing… and Pulse is a nice opportunity to see these changes, observe them and get used that changes it’s great! And it’s the way how life goes.

Wish all of you a lot of changing for better in your life!

And thanks a lot to GSK Bolgaria,   Hungary, Romania and of course Slovakia for hospitality!

Hope my speech inspire you:)

Romania GSK 2015. 1GSK Romania