End Polio in Mozambique + First ever public Christmas tree in Moz


Hi Hopefull Readers

You might have been wondering what I been up to all of this  time with no blog postings. We were all working towards the preparation of the introduction polio injectable vaccine and the second dose of measles into the vaccination calendar. The national launch was on Friday. Here in this picture we have the minister of health, a pediatrician also, vaccinating the first kid with injectable polio and then five minutes after she proceed to vaccinate a little girl (below crying) with measles. The event was attended by the local comunity of Manhica (2 hours from Maputo).


This is the last launch of the year (3 new vaccines) that have left the Immunization team very tired but visibly satisfied. Again as with Rotavirus there were the usual challenges, the funds where not there when needed, the training budget had been used up for Rotavirus launch etc. The logistics went better with the two cold trucks working. GSK helped with the donation of a recorded spot for radio for social mobilisation.

Alongside this introduction, there has been very positive developments here:

-After the grant of GAVI health strengthening system arrived in May to the country, it has finally been credited to the MoH, this fund will be used partly for system optimisation and supply system strengthening!. We (Diana and Dianna Lourenco) held a day workshop together with MoH to help the provinces plan for optimised logistics systems and budget for what they needed to make it happen.

-Malaria vaccine might be tested in Mozambique for launch and evaluation.

On another note, here is the first ever public Christmas tree made of empty water bottles. My colleague told me that in Maputo there has never been public decoration for Christmas and she was very surprised to see this tree. Recycling seem to be a big trend in here, I have seen everything from old cooking pots, weapons, coca cola bottle containers to frying pans turn into something decorative or useful.

IMG_0634 IMG_0635


  1. Awesome job Diana. Sustainable change is always hard. It’s one step forward and two steps back, but progress is being made. Good luck as your assignment winds down.

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